Blocking work at the station - why is it needed?

This time I will not offer or demand anything. I just wonder how experienced players understand the situation. The meaning of what is happening is not visible to me. Here the “Pirates” declared war on the corporation and attacked an industrial facility.

As a result, those who were engaged in drawings or production at the station stopped all tasks. The “Pirates” did not destroy the station.
This situation is repeated for the fourth time with this station.
And the fourth time no one lost the ships. Just stop all the tasks at the industrial site. Block production, block drawings, block slots for pilots.
Can someone explain to me the meaning of such a war? Pirates do not destroy the station. Although we know that many stations were destroyed by them earlier. Station owners do not attack pirates in response.
And manufacturers hang hundreds of drawings. By the way, another question - why was it necessary to lock the drawings.

Why is it impossible to stop the work started in order to use the slots at another station. Does this have any special meaning, some kind of balance?

I don’t know exactly what you are talking about, who these “pirates” are, or who’s station (citadel, presumably?) they attacked… but…

Preventing your enemies ability to produce things will undoubtedly hurt them in a number of ways. Stop them making ISK. Make it harder for them to replace lost assets. Maybe even hurt their morale and get their industry people looking elsewhere for the services they need.

Usually hurting the enemy’s economy and ability to make ISK is far worse than any military victory on the field. Losing ships in battle is nothing in EVE any more.

Why is it impossible to stop the work started in order to use the slots at another station.

When a Citadel goes into final timer (structure timer) or otherwise goes low power (due to running out of fuel, for example) all industry jobs are automatically paused. - I can’t remember if the user can then manually cancel them. I suspect not; that they are frozen until the service comes back online or the structure is destroyed. (Correct me here, please, if you know better.)

Either way, if you cancel a job you don’t get the materials back, so you lose ISK by doing that. So if you are doing anything big, you definitely will want to try and resume the job where it was started, rather than take it elsewhere and start all over with new materials.


No one is going to read this, not really anyway. Partially because it’s just another wall of text from you and mostly because you’ve proven to not be worth the time.

yet you just did :laughing:


They just want to halt your production and make you complain about it, knowing full well that you cannot stop it. It’s for fun.

What the ■■■■ are you talking about?

Sounds like disrupting the structure. Making it an undesirable place to do business and therefore hurting the owners income.

Because then it would be harder to disrupt people’s business.

You’re playing a pvp game. Cut throat business practice is the norm.

Perhaps you can help the owners defend their structure somehow. Lend a gun.

Or use an npc station and fork up the extra cash.

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Not to mention that the phrase is quite literal when used in relation to Eve; oh the joys of an unregulated marketplace where offing the competition is considered to be good business sense.


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