Blood Raider Covenant Standings


I kind of have a niche request I think…

I need to get my corp to +2 at least Blood Raider Standings / Blood Raider Covenant Standings.

I would love to get +5 or more if possible,

Now as far as I’m aware its possible by having the corps average standings at +2 +5 or whatever is required.

I’m willing to buy grinded toons off the char bazaar and have them transferred to my accounts if thats the route we need to go.

Are you interested?


I’ve done a lot of Blood raider grinding, but I can’t grind for faction standing.

I’m assumming you want + standing to be defended by their fleet, but here is my advice:

Use Suitonia’s method using the glamourex booster to mass decline level 3/4 sec missions. Take RECON and Cargo Delivery. You can do recon 3 in a speed boosted interceptor.

For standings, if you can’t do level 4’s you are better off grinding level 3’s because the faction boost is so good.

You will need SOCIAL V to be able to decline without a standing hit with the booster.

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