Blood raider FoBs per Region

How many Bloodraider FoBs are suppose to spawn per Region?

Derelik has 4 active Bloodraider FoBs all in High Sec space.

I thought when the FoBs came out there was only suppose to be one per Region and it only spawned after down time once it was killed?

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More = better

ha ha … we had 3 in one system once
so one per region is not possible

i cant tell when it should spawn … only after DT or just random

yea if you go and kill them its true


There is most definitely more than one per region in my experience, and I am not sure if there is a limit, I have seen 3 in one system too. They continue to spawn new ones even with people not blowing up existing ones. I have taken out two of the four that was around me recently and I had that set to any distance.

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Still 3 in our .5 system at the moment and they have killed at least 3 player structures and got others into the second timer… Great work CCP now we have to alarm clock it and skip work for NPC attacks…


Or you could yknow kill them

Well I probably could but god knows how 2-3 man corps can do it especially if not high SP players not everyone can afford blinged snakes or similar.

More to the point some of us have real lives and don’t expect to have to log into eve in the middle of our work day to protect a highsec structure


You dont have any mission runners who can use heavy turret BSes?

Contact me in game.

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