How Best to Solo Blood Raider Pirate Strongholds

Just returned to the game after 3 year absence to have a gila absolutely neuted and melted much to my surprise on a belt. Did a little research

Is it possible to solo Blood Raider strongholds?

If so, what is the most safe ship to do so in? Passive rattlesnake seems to be the best from what I’ve seen thus far

I’d really like the opportunity to talk extensively with someone, here or in-game, who has experience taking these things out on how best to approach these sites solo…if anyone is willing I’d greatly appreciate it o7

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Go to zkill, look up Blood Raider FoB, note what players soloed them, note ship type, rank them and number of FoBs player kills, send friendly email in game asking for advice from the top three or four.

or…you can wait in here for some advice which might be great or…

Good Luck!


I’ll hold out but will definitely do this as well, thank you very much for the suggestion

The highsec pirate FOB’s are designed as group content and the reward structure reflects that. All fleet members (up to 40) who are on-grid when the structure dies get the same reward (~30 million).

It may be technically possible to solo but not particularly rewarding.

It’s causing a huge pain in my a**, any monetary value from dealing with it is not of interest

I’ve seen many killboards of them being solo’d and spoken to 2 people in-game who regularly solo them in a rattle…just looking for more insight and communications with those who do it solo to build-up my understanding while I wait for the skills required to solo them

Any tips or tricks would be most appreciated o7

remember that while you can solo them, you will take more time doing so. Using three alts can net you more DPS (I think you are limited to 3k DPS ?), per toon, so less time spent per toon.

Please remember, read above

Only interested in info on soloing them…don’t care for the rewards, just need one gone

Except you also get larger defence fleets against you. So unless they have changed the scaling (they might have, I’m going off the first six months of them) it’s actually safer to solo it, as otherwise the response fleet was scaling faster than the additional fleet size gave you benefit for at least the first few pilots.

If you can increase your rep and DPS per toon, then it’s more interesting.

Can we please stay on topic

I’m looking for real experience, tips/ tricks from those who SOLO them only

I’m not interested in payout schemes or efficiency, only how to best go about SOLOING them

I tried to solo a Blood Raider FOB in highsec but they just kill your drones and its game over.

However I heard that you can solo the Guristas with an expensive passive tank - all thermal resist.

No better experience than doing it yourself.

To say the truth, we did some, when they appeared, then we did no more. CCP kept changing the way they behave, I heard the rats again consider your number of high slots so you can cheat them again.

But what I said about the time efficiency was important, for another reason that you will discover if you try to kill them and do it solo.

and yeah IIRC you just tank thermal on both and it’s okay.

you have more information on eve-uni . Especially, your minimum DPS and the damages of the rats.

Based off an alliance mates word and some testing. I ‘might’ be mixing up BR and Guristas but I’ll believe the FOB itself uses the same damage type.
90% thermal resists minimum. 2 active hardeners should get you there.
Kill the hauler/mining fleet/patrol fleet first. So you don’t get unexpected response fleet.
Create a 300k bookmark with a cloaky. Warp in. Tank and kill the defence fleet. Wait for respawn waves also.
Then set drones on Fob.

He uses a prophecy. Fairly cheap t2 fit as I understand it. But Rattlesnake probably does better with a better passive tank.

prophecy for BR, rattle for guristas.

I believe he does both in a prophecy.

both are doable but rattle deals more DPS thanks to torpedo rage once the fob caps itself out.(vs guristas)
vs BR the rattler has harder time because split tank resists (RAH helps a lot)

In 3 of 3 attempts with Blood Raider FOBs, there were no haulers or mining fleets. Or do you mean those from an asteroid belt?
Aren’t those response fleets different from Blood Raider FOB responses?

The ones that mine in an asteroid belt.
They have a hauler that goes to and from the FOB.
If the Hauler encounters someone with low standing or is attacked, a response fleet is spawned and warps to it.
This can mean that you get a Response fleet attacking you while you are at the FOB dealing with the FOB defense fleet as well.
And the Response fleets are more dangerous in some cases.


Ah cheers man!

yeah, i found out the hard way…“hmm…why are all those mining ships red?..hmm…what are these other ships warping in for? umm…why is my ship not warping???”…{Kaboom}