Thrusday,Oct,25 Eve
Broadcasting Transmission

We are the ** Kri’tak Tribes Summit ** of the Minmatar, Dark times rise with every tick of the clock. As we speak the Enslavers, the zealots of blood and death prepare to snuff the freedom of not only our brethren but all capsuleers, all of our families planet-side, and all of what we hold dear. We Minmatar military leaders will not allow these blind believers to bloody our gates this cycle. We open our fleets to you, we ask you to join us in our Bulwark against these fervent fiends. On the 10th rotation and 25th cycle we will base our operations in Uttindar V - Moon 5 - Expert Distribution Retail Center . We will provide FC’s and Fleets to wipe out these …Crimson husks. We will have surprises for all who participate with a chance to win rewards during this mini campaign. We will have a channel dedicated to the communication and discussion of how we can blow out the flames of these murderous zealots (Minmatar RP Channel= Kri’tak Tribes Summit ).
During this Cycle of flight, fear, and frenzy we hope to see you in our wings.

-Tactel Vyvorant;Polaris of Nomadic Assistance and For Golgathan Officer.

(OOC: = () )
(Date: Oct,25)
(Time: Multiple Fleets and 23hr RP Channel Moderation )
(How to participate: Contact @Tactel_Vyvorant & @Colinde_s with Participating Character Name and TZ by OCT 22nd )
(How to win: For every Hour there is an active fleet there will be a Give away for both Fleet and RP participation )
(How to watch: 1) butimnotashark //List of steamers to be Updated )
(We are collecting numbers so that we can organize prizes for our give away as well as FC’s for running the agency missions as well as maybe even a few good fights, PLEASE CONTACT Tactel Vyvorant or Colinde’s. If you would like to participate by Oct 22nd. )
(PS: If your not MinMil we welcome you to join us for the event, for our capsuleers to truly enter their capsule…and if you love the rust you are welcome to stay.)

“Fly Safe and with repair paste~”-T.V.


We must defend our home worlds! At all costs.
These Crimson criminals are nothing but that. Petty criminals with psychotic tendencies.
Their lives must end before they claim our brothers and sisters for their unnatural rituals.
We will show no tolerance! We show no mercy!

For Golgothan!
For the Republic!

-Colinde’s ; Zenith Chieftain [FG]

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Time to order some more duct tape.


Repair paste =Liquid Nanite Duct tape I’m sure of it.

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Sounds like a cool event. Have you guys considered making a post at the IC section of the forum to get more of the RP community engaged?

Also, I tried joining the ingame channel but it said that there wasn’t any channels with that name.

I’ve sent a friend req, will add you personally.

Don’t worry lads, the Feds will be there. o7

Uttindar V - Moon 5 - Expert Distribution Retail Center, event staging changed for participating parties


FC OFFICIAL Fleet Times:
N0M4 fc(Tactel Vyvorant ) : 7:00~10:45 eve time
Vanguard (@Colinde’s):-pending-
FEDUP fc: FEDUP:19:00-20:30
…Any Last minute fc’s contact me

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