Blood stained-stars and faction navy

My Gal standing is so low the navy attacks me in high sec. Anyone know if I’ll be able to do the blood stained-stars storyline?

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you won’t. fix the standing first, then do the epic.


My Amarr standing is below -5, I can get an alt to do most of the Blood Stained Stars missions that take place in Amarr space, except the last one (funnily enough I am trying to build Gal standing) which takes place in Amarr space … it make for some nervous clicking to had over the cargo before the navy arrive.

I do think you will have a really hard time even if you can hand off to alts as there is so much takes place within Gal space.

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look up faction standings repair plan.

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Most level 1 data centers can help. You just fly to agent, give him some tags and warp out. Standing fixed. I believe there are 4 agents like that in every faction. And you will have 2 more agents with simple delievery mission. Take some quick ship like inertia stabbed pacifier with T2 warp rigs and you are done in one hour with all the warping.

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Thanks for the mention. By the way, ‘The Plan’ is still the easiest and quickest way to not only repair negative Faction standings, but will also increase positive Faction standings as well.
Here’s the link.

@Monavic_Doombringer If Gallente Faction is below -5.00 standing and your Minmatar Faction is above -5.00 standing, I suggest you start with Minmatar Data Center agents which will give derived positive standings to Gallente and when Gallente Faction get’s above -5.00 standing, you can then run the Gallente Data Center Agents to increase your Gallente standing or just run the level 1 epic arc.

To safely run the level 1 Sisters of Eve epic arc - The Blood Stained Stars - it’s best to have all Empire Factions above -5.00 standing.

Empire Factions = 8 different Factions that control systems located in high security.
Amarr Empire
Ammatar Mandate
Caldari State
Concord Assembly
Gallente Federation
Khanid Kingdom
Minmatar Republic
The Interbus

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