Blood stained-stars and faction navy

(Monavic Doombringer) #1

My Gal standing is so low the navy attacks me in high sec. Anyone know if I’ll be able to do the blood stained-stars storyline?

(Anderson Geten) #2

you won’t. fix the standing first, then do the epic.

(Chan'aar) #3

My Amarr standing is below -5, I can get an alt to do most of the Blood Stained Stars missions that take place in Amarr space, except the last one (funnily enough I am trying to build Gal standing) which takes place in Amarr space … it make for some nervous clicking to had over the cargo before the navy arrive.

I do think you will have a really hard time even if you can hand off to alts as there is so much takes place within Gal space.

(Xuxe Xu) #4

look up faction standings repair plan.

(erg cz) #5

Most level 1 data centers can help. You just fly to agent, give him some tags and warp out. Standing fixed. I believe there are 4 agents like that in every faction. And you will have 2 more agents with simple delievery mission. Take some quick ship like inertia stabbed pacifier with T2 warp rigs and you are done in one hour with all the warping.