Blood Standard S Prices

Why are Blood Standard S often for sale at higher prices in Jita than Imperial Navy Standard S? I seriously doubt anyone succesfully sells at those prices since the only reason anyone would buy is if they wanted Standard S because they planned to operate in that range and they wanted to see if anything was cheaper than Imperial Navy

In general the price of Blood Crystals is less than for Navy Crystals. However, the traded volumes of Blood Crystals is quite low and this makes the price much more volatile.
The supply volume is lower for Blood Crystals than for Navy. Thus sometimes the sell price for the lower performance Blood Crystals will go above Navy Crystals as someone buys a large number.

Remember, a bulk buyer is buying for bulk use, faffing around working out how to save a few ISK is very, very time consuming. Bulk ship supply (such as buy deliver and fit, say 200 Coercers) is more like chicken farming rather than having a few pet chickens. You want them all the same and you treat them all the same because that’s time efficient - and you’ll happily pay for that.
Trust me: I used to do corporate ship supply logistics.

The nature of a free market is noisy. You are looking for a signal in a particularly noisy channel.

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