BLOPs Hunter

Hey everyone o7

I’m trying to find a good T3C blops hunter. I’ve been looking at the proteus but, after seeing a couple threads here and there it might not be the one T3C I want as a blops hunter. I’m looking for a good T3C blops hunter to be able to drop solo or have a fleet bridging in. Any fits would be great, if you dont want to show your fits publicly feel free to eve mail me the fit.

Thanks in advance!



Quick question about this fit, the ship scanner, is that to dictate if its bait or fit a certain way for blops to refit quick to kill it faster or? Just trying to understand why its fit like it is.


I would assume that the ship scanner is for figuring out the fitting to see if the target has a cyno, if the target is worth the drop risk at all (some shiny ships have terrible fittings), if it’s a PVE fit or PVP fit and over time how the capacitor of the target is so that your BLOPS can turn of some neuts.

Ah gotcha, interesting will definitely have to see how this fit works.

Thank you!

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