Blown up in null sec at gate

Hi all,

So I am into exploration in WH and I ended up in null sec so I did a few jumps to try to find some sites or another WH entry.

I warped to the next gate and my beloved Heron has been destroyed after entering a Warp Disruption.
I guess I should have had a look at to avoid this.

What else can I do when it happens ?
Is it basically over when I am in that disruption ? :slight_smile:

Here is the video :

Here is the killmail :slight_smile:

Note : I’m Omega with 10sp. I always fly in my explo Heron

Thanks !

In that specific instance it is basically over and there’s nothing you can do.
The trick is not getting caught in the first place.
If there are celestials within 14.3AU of the gate you want to warp to, warp to them and use your directional scanner on the gate. If you see warp disruption probes and ships, the gate is camped.
If there is nothing close by to warp to, warp to the gate at 100km to visually check out its status first. Try to make a bookmark mid warp but on grid with the gate that is more than 150km away from your landing spot so you can bounce to it and warp to the gate without leaving grid.
TBH if the gate is camped I wouldn’t try crashing the gate if you know it’s camped. IMO when that happens it’s time to pack it up and filament out. Even if you manage to avoid the bubble and somehow make it to the gate, chances are there’s gonna be company on the other side too, further decreasing your chances of survival.


Ok, thanks for the explanation !

What if the camp is in the other side of the gate, I can’t really check it beforehand, can I ?

Nope, there’s no way to check the other side of a gate. A heron would have little chance of surviving.
Upgrade to a buzzard asap if you still want to explore nullsec and/or wormholes and fit a covops cloak and an interdiction nullifier. It will untie your hands and allow you to deal with these situations effectively.

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The Buzzard could be affordable. I need to assess if it is worth the investment for me.

Thanks again

If you were flying a Buzzard (the T2 version of the Heron) you have multiple options.

  • A Covert cloak means you can turn on the cloak and move really fast to one of the edges of the bubble and warp away.
  • An interdiction nullification module (which can fit to T2 explorers and some other ships) can be turned on to ignore the bubble

As you’re not flying a T2 explorer yet, your loss is less big but you still have a good option in that situation:

Crash the gate

Basically you burn back to the gate, turn on your propmod (overheat the propmod if necessary) and jump out of the system. As long as you did not fight back you will not have a weapons timer and will be allowed to jump the gate. If the interdictor did shoot at you while you were crashing the gate they have a weapons timer and will not be allowed through, so you can flee at the other side. If the interdictor did not shoot you he is allowed to jump after you and he will try to bubble you on the other side as well. If that happens, repeat the procedure, because you will not die when the interdictor does not shoot you and if he does shoot you you can escape at the other side of the gate.

Good luck!


When you jump into a bubble and gate camp, you have two options. Try to burn back to the gate and jump through, and hope their sabre/bubbler doesn’t do so before you. Or try to burn out of the bubble and warp away before they blow up your ship, which they will always try to do.

I don’t know if this is still true, but it used to be that if you attempted to warp before burning back to the gate, you’d give the bubbler an aggression timer and they wouldn’t be able to jump through after you.

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