Blue Force Laboratories is recruiting fellow Industrialists!

After a long hiatus, Blue Force Laboratories has once again re-opened our doors for membership. Started in 2016 with the idea and resources to become a Researchers paradise, we have since moved on to bigger and better things! We are an industrialist corporation first and foremost!

At the moment we currently offer the following;

  • FAIR Ore Buyback Program
  • Full Ship Replacement Program (if destroyed while working towards corporation growth)
  • Leadership positions for interested parties
  • FREE Logistic/Hauling services
  • Corporation ran and guaranteed Investment opportunities
  • Organization & Goals

Short term goals include increasing our manufacturing capabilities to increase growth and conduct larger projects.

Website: Blue Force Laboratories
Discord: Discord
In Game Recruitment: bfl.join

Message me in game or reply below to further discuss this opportunity!

Hello! My name is Igor Sladovski and I am currently interested in starting mining again.
I am not very experienced, but will gladly dump hours in mining.
I will not be able to play before after new years, but I hope I can be a part of your corporation.

Mail sent.

Daily bump!

Still looking for miners and industrialists alike!

Check out our website here; Blue Force Laboratories website


Daily bump. Still looking for more like minded people!

Still actively looking!

Bumping for profits!

Back to the top!

How many members do you currently have?

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