Blue Heart Industries [BLUTH] A community-first driven corp seeks new members

We accept all members.

Blue Heart is a newbro friendly Industry/PvE/Whatever Corp, meaning no matter what you do or specialize in we’ll welcome and support you in any capacity we possibly can. While this corp is intended to be Industry focused, we’ll have players who will fleet up with you no matter what you choose to do in EVE!

We’re an open, inclusive Corporation that does not tolerate any type of bullying, discrimination or harassment. Full stop. We’re allies and companions, and respect will be given in Blue Heart, not ‘earned’. We focus on maintaining a positive, encouraging and supportive network. No matter how long you’ve played or what ships you own, you are not above anyone in this Corporation.

This Corporation will always cater to those with families to care for, social lives outside of the game and those who can’t or otherwise don’t want to play every day. This is intended to be a small and tight knit community of people we enjoy playing alongside, as such I am committed to keeping the member count target at 80 or so members with a maximum of ~100 to maintain that small corp feeling.

Contact one of our recruiters (Tah Ohu, Soenal, Selaria Nosha) or join our recruitment channel ‘Blue Heart Recruiting’.

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