Blueprints contract system is screwed

Right. We all know blueprints get messed up and I would really love CCP to fix this ■■■■ already.

One of the main problems I encountered was when you create contract, and you do “Request items from buyer”.

So I wanna request a COPY Machariel blueprint. And there is no way to request / link it.

If I write Machariel Blueprint, I request a ORIGINAL blueprint, but I want a copy one!

And if I write Machariel Blueprinty Copy, “Item does not exist”.

So… steps to re-produce to encounter this problem.

  1. Create private contract to someone with 1 item ( Item Exchange )
  2. Remove/Deselect the item you chose
  3. Decide the price you will want to pay for a Machariel BPC
  4. Click “Also request items from buyer”
  5. TRY to request ANY KIND OF copy blueprint. It is impossible because everytime you try, a original blueprint will come out/requested.

CCP pls fix this?


Queen Estoria

Why dont you just buy the Machariel BPC from contracts and sell the thing that you have separately?

I have nothing to sell. And I dont want to buy off his contracts for various reasons.

This shouldnt be like this. Like explain me why I cannot link a copy bluperint? its all I want. I dont want shortcuts or other way. I just wanna link/select a BPC and not a BPO.


if you are requesting an item from a buyer then surely you are offering something in return?

If i wanted a macherial BPC i would go into contracts, find one for a price I like then buy it, In your steps you are creating a Private contract, putting an item in then removing it, i dont understand why you are doing that. If you have nothing to offer, just buy the BPC.

A bpc can have many variables, different ME and TE levels, that is why I assume you cannot offer a BPC in exchange

I am offering ISK in return. But I do not want to buy it off public contracts. I want to CREATE A CONTRACT AND request the item, is that so hard to understand? I dont even want a mach BPC, its just the system that this is like is not working and it would be great if we could LINK blueprint COPIES.

As far as goes for ME and TE levels, original blueprints have that too, yet you can link them?

true re BPOs TE and ME levels, in that case not sure, its not something ive ever tried, ill test it when i am home.

May i ask why do you not just want to buy off public contracts

Because… well I have my reasons. I am here to try and get this fixed so we can link blueprint copy in general.

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