Bombs and Deadspace

So why can’t I drop bombs on Triglavians and Sansha in deadspace? Do they have some kind of powerful space magic that prevents bombs from leaving my ship?

I’d like to see the removal of the “no bombs in deadspace” rule. It has no real lore explanation and frankly isn’t fun. Make bombs more fun!

My understanding is that the only restriction concerning using bombs (apart from fitting them) is that they can only be used in nullsec - that’s it. Smartbombs (unrelated to bombs) can be used in HS if you disable safety (but this is ill-advised as you are practically guaranteed to be CONCORDed), and they can be used in LS if you lower your safety (but not disable) your safety.

Your understanding is incorrect. I am unable to deploy a bomb in the Abyss or in a nullsec Sansha incursion site.

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Good to know! Thank you for pointing that out.

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I fully support this change if for no other reason than I’d love to see the the spike in comedy killmails when pilots foolishly attempt to use bombs to clear NPCs.


lol, ya let’s foolishly do things the hardest way possible.

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