[BOND] 8 Billion Jita/Amarr Trade Venture 12%

Hi All,

I’ll start with saying that “bond” is not the correct term for an interest bearing “loan.” Bond insinuates a bonded relationship between, debt, and the issuer, and the interest is paid to individuals whom “invest” in a “bond” which yields interest based upon the debt and yield of the issued “debt.”

I am a real life trader, secondly, and have real exposure to markets. Eve is a FANTASTIC simulator of economics, regardless of the lack of a “Gold Standard” (phrase coined by parkkicks lol)

I have identified the INDUSTRIES, in which high-margin products which trade in high volumes, have ample supply to sustain revenue, while also identifying " demand growth commodity" niches, which have sufficient volumes, which as to be labeled " high risk" “high yield” AND investment grade. This is what separates my trading operation over that of others, who rely on simply plugging variables into Evernus, and trading the highest margin products, which in reality, are not produced on the scale that a high growth investment fund such as mine require. Essentially, I have made optimal, the scale of the operation, too such an extent that turnover times are near 0 i.e. I am never waiting for items to sell, and never waiting for items to buy. You can correctly assume, that some margin is sacrificed in the trading of these assets, but with a sufficient investment, as well as the increased volumes present in my core holdings, this is negligible.

Secondly, I am focused on the inter-regional market relationship between Jita and Amarr. With the high traffic of Jita, and good old fashioned competition, products can be bought for very cheap, and shipped to Amarr only a few jumps away, and sold at a premium. This brings me to the future.

After repayment of debt, and the trading operation established, my alts and I will create a company that will be different than most in eve. It will be profit focused. Shares will be issued as such that some will be sold to raise capital, some will be retained by the corporation, and some will be issued to “employees” The real disappointment that accompanies otherwise great games such as eve, is the lack of a labor market. There is no real incentive to pay employees, and the issue of trust and collateral is always raised. I want to take the risks and cost associated with meta gameplay, to develop a truly all encompassing industrial network.

Lastly, because I am a real life trader, I am at my computer almost 24/7, and can compete with even the most pervasive bots.

Loan Terms

Less than 120 days
(I have properly allocated my investments so that excess capital will be useless, so interest will be paid immediately upon the availability of ISK.

12% Interest

No Collateral

PM interest in bond in forums. I will not be checking in game messages to this character as I am using a trade alt.

Peace out


So I see a couple problems with your proposal that I will list below.

  1. You have zero history on these forums and your first post is to ask for 8b isk with no collateral. Why should I trust you?

  2. You ask for 8b isk but didn’t bother to mention how much capital you are currently working with. You also promise 12% interest but haven’t shown us any proof that you can even make that. To even have a shot at getting somebody to fill this loan your going to need to submit to a full API key audit and your going to need to have the trading history to show that you can produce what you claim.

Welcome to MD.

Im sure you have done a bit of research into loans etc in EVE, so as has already been proven by Sebastion there will be questions asked, some easy some hard.

If you have a successful trade history in EVE already you could have your API key vetted through EVE mogul or whatever. If however you wish to be handed 8b on the grounds of only your post there you will struggle. Your last market related comment I could find was around 15 months ago.

8b isnt a massive amount, but uncollateralised to what is basically an unknown entity (no offence) and an opening return of 12% raises suspicion.


Yes, I have been away for some months. I have had trading success, going from 100 million to 1 billion. I then experimented with buying up items to increase prices, and there I lost about half a billion. Currently I am trading with about 600 million. My api will reflect this if investigated. The reason for the 12% figure, is for the extended length of the loan. This is to ensure that investors will be compensated. I do not expect a 12% return to take 4 months, in fact I think 30 days is more likely, however I am willing to extend an increased return, to ensure the safety of that return. As I stated in my post, the interest and principal will be paid immediately upon availability of funds.

I will provide my api key upon the willingness of the chosen investigators.


So what I’m hearing is that you have no experience managing that amount of isk and that if you were to lose it you have no way of paying it back.

You lost me at the first line, never good opening up by talking rubbish… I never read the whole thing, get to the point!

I though that the main difference between the two was that loans are given out by a bank, while bonds are bought by individuals and able to be publicly traded?

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