📌 BOOKMARK BARN: Regional & Special Purpose Collections for sale

Tenerifis scouting completed - with only a minimal of shenanigans by the locals - and now available for purchase.

Links being sent to our all-the-things customers.







Immensea, Cobalt Edge, The Spire, Cache, Feythabolis, and Insmother fully scouted :slight_smile:


How did you get these AU undocks? I mean, Jita has celestials that can be used, but not all of them do.

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Hmmmm, I’m afraid we have our secrets too



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… and, of course, we have an awesome Venal collection (plus an update for the SW half of that region) available right now for Gurista hunters. Our scout out there is looking at an NPC Guristas Caiman dread’ right at this moment. He can’t kill it, but maybe you can.


bump update.


I realise this is way-late for a response but we now have all lowsec mapped and provide an all-of-lowsec bundle, as well as our humungous all-the-things bundle and the slightly more constrained all-of-nullsec.

Prices and admin details are all provided on our discord store and, since they change and can be subject to all sorts of discounts, I’ll leave them there for interested folk rather than post any here.


The bump today is in honour of Tribute and Vale of the Silent.

Tribute because we just fully refurbished that collection from its old, but still very capable, originator. Now all the perches are 500+km, there are !sunspots in every system, and a heap of new remaote safespots and even a constellation of deepsafes (Thank you Fecbruary 2022 incursion). All bright shiney, and awesome, new bookmarks :slight_smile:

Vale of the Silent because that’s where we’ve headed for the next update effort, and because we have never before seen such intensive PvE activity. So far we have just mapped the NW-most constellation, but have never seen such hi-end PvE … along with our first Vanquisher, omg what a ratter. Like, jumping into one system: 48 in local; 40 mackinaws on DS; 1 rorqual; one eos; and three ishtars. We have seen a lot of eve’s k-space but this intensity, system after system, tops our observations. Once they realised we were harmless the locals were quite friendly … albeit in a language we needed online translation for


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Well, well, well :slight_smile:

From one bookmark vendor (long retired) to another, well done!

An eve-playing RL friend of old told me about this forum posting. I had to set a few things up again, but my residual alpha turned out to be adequate to take a look around this posting and your discord site.

What you’ve done is great. It moves beyond what we managed, and you appear to have successfully mitigated the 2019 Habakuk changes. That saves you the mass-copying of thousands of vouchers, but you probably have an awful lot of access-list admin to keep abreast of. Swings and roundabouts.

Your ‘company’ name harks back to another era and another, very large, vendor from the pre-Habakuk days. The main character there had around ¼ million bookmarks on his account. Are you related in any way?

Your bookmark naming system seems to be very similar to what we used, and I like the tweaks and changes that you have made in borrowing it.

I’d like to have a look at your training material but can’t access it. If I message you, could you provide me access so I can have a look around it also?

I love the ‘tinfoil hat’ comments, given the recent antics in one part of the world it’s such a great metaphor for that particular difficulty. I think you have addressed it well although, as you doubtlessly know, facts have a curious propensity to not convince folk embedded in real™ facts.

All the very best with your business, I’ll drop-in from time-to-time to see how everything’s going. You’re welcome to use our naming system – not that I could ever stop you anyway – and you’re also welcome to any of our old collections if they’ll help, though I doubt you have any need for them.

p.s. I have applied as many likes as the system will let me. Bookmarking vendors can never have too much love <3

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“It’s been a while since we’ve seen Substantia Nigra — their last post was 5 years ago.”

You have been quiet. Curiously my computer yelled at me when you posted here. It’s not done that for anyone else. Maybe you’re special :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the kind words. I’ll organise privileges so you can get into our training material, and we’d welcome any advice or suggestions you might have.

We obviously already have some of your old bookmarks, since some retained your name associated with them when we acquired them. Now I ‘know’ the person who made those bookmarks. I think we also have much of the collection from that other vendor - horrible bookmark names and many useless spots (100km perches), but lots and lots of bookmarks - but we are not related in any way other than, apparently, our choice of name. I assume they no longer operate. We did use those collections when we scouted out new regions. They made things much easier and safer, once you got used to their naming system.

We adopted our naming system from some of the bookmarks we acquired very early on, so it is entirely likely we are using a modified version of yours. Thanks.


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OP moved down to the end.

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One of our brave (foolhardy) scouts has just spent the last week hopping into and out of Pochven, and avoiding some very determined sounding people and exceedingly nasty rats while he was there. As a result we now have a complete regional bookmark collection for all of Pochven.

It’s a bit different to our other regionals. We have two perches at every gate, we have two safespots in every system, and we have three bookmarks for every station. All of our perches and instas are further away than in our other collections - tending towards 1000+km rather than 500+.

It’s all wrapped-up and ready for sale, alongside all the other collections, so come along to our discord store, take a look, and buy all the things :slight_smile:

p.s. No ships were harmed in producing this collection, although much effort - NPC and character - was made to harm our scout.

Moved thread to Services

The vast majority of what we do is not a service, although a small element (going out and making bookmarks for people) is a service element to our business.
Please return to market section or provide me advice re ‘appeal’ facilities. It’d have been sensible to enageg in some discussion first, not just solo-decide to change something that has been established and stable for a long time … as have similar previous market threads.

Well, gosh. This is not a service, but some ISD just decided to mess with my operation completely … and there’s no recourse, no appeal, and no follow-up. The joy :frowning:

bump-update … including all the OP info.

New Stuff

We have lots of new stuff. Our collections now include all of nullsec and all of lowsec space, and we have added discounted bundles: All-the-things; All-of-nullse; and All-of-lowsec.

We’ve built two Faction Warfare collections covering the lowsec systems of the respective war zones.

Both pirate epic arc collections have been completely revised and rebuilt, as have the associated regional collections for Curse and venal.

We also now have Pochven fully mapped, ‘challenging’ place that it is. That,more thorough than usual, collection is now available for purchase.

We’ve also compiled a collection of 1AU instawarp undock bookmarks for the markey hub stations in Jita, Amarr, Rens, Hek, and Dodixie. We’re working on a similar 2AU package but have not yet met with success in all those systems.

Original Post

Here, at the BOOKMARK BARN, we provide Regional and Special-Purpose collections of k-space tactical bookmarks. Our collections are ideal to support your day-to-day activities, or for stepping out into, and safely exploring, other, potentially hostile, areas of the eve cosmos.

Most of our collections are made available to subscribers on annual basis using shared folders and Access List membership. We also build-to-order individualised special-purpose bookmarks (instawarps, deepsafes etc) as well as individualised collections.

Mostly these are shared collections, and they’re excellent locations and very safe if used with a bit of common sense. We have all of eve’s nullsec and lowsec surveyed and bookmarked, and are constantly working on improving our holdings. We also have some hisec regions, and special collections for haulers.

As you might expect, our ‘store’ can be found in our discord server, and carries all the detailed information you could possibly want concerning our products and services. The store also includes a GENERAL INFORMATION category, containing a lot of detailed information about bookmarks, bookmarking, and associated game dynamics (e.g instant docking and undock instawarping).

We provide the following -

  1. Regional collections covering every system in all nullsec regions as well as lowsec elements of highsec / lowsec regions. Those collections include: gate perches (tacticals); safespots (deep if possible); station instadocks, instawarps, and perchs (if there be stations); and in some cases ‘sunspot’ safes. [#bb-aridia through to bb-wicked-creek]
  2. An extra-careful collection for Pochven, the entire region including the three ‘apex’ home systems. The sunspots, perches and instawarps are further out than usual. There are two perches at every gate, and three locations (instadock, perch, and instawarp) at every station. With all that extra caution it’s a moderately large collection, despite Pochven only being 27-systems.
  3. The huge Silk Roads collection covering all the hisec trade routes between the five hubs, as well as the 1-lowsec-system direct Jita-Amarr route. That collection includes, for every system: gate perches (tacticals); gate zerospots; safespots (deep if possible); station instadocks, instawarps, and perchs for every station; and ‘sunspot’ secondary safespots. [#bb-silk-road]
  4. A collection of 1AU markethub undock instawarps from Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Rens, and Hek (2AU when we get some better rolls in Hek and Dodixie). [#bb-1au-markethub-instas]
  5. Spectacular long-range undock instawarps (AU distances, individual, only-for-you) from the Jita and Amarr tradehub stations. [#bb-personal-undock-instas]
  6. Faction Warfare (FW) collections covering all the lowsec systems of each of the Amarr-Minmatar and Caldari-Gallente FW areas. These collections contain, for each system: gate perches (tacticals); safespots (deep if possible); station instadocks, instawarps, and perchs (if there be stations); and ‘sunspot’ secondary safespots. [#bb-fw-amarr-v-minmatar and #bb-fw-caldari-v-gallente]]
  7. Pirate Epic Arc collections, containing all the bookmarks you will need for either Angel Sound or Smash and Grab, as well as the best, most detailed PDF manual you could ask for. [#bb-pa-angel-sound and #bb-pa-smash-and-grab]
  8. Made-to-order deepsafe locations in any k-space system (often, but not always possible to build). [#bb-personal-remote-safespots]
  9. Some specialised packages for individual organisations.
  10. Contract services to build private collections of bookmarks for a region. [#priorities-and-private-colelctions]

We also provide a number of discount schemes for players and their alts, corporations, and alliances as well as all-the-things and ‘forever’ options. [#alts-corps-and-alliances, #all-the-things, and #forever]


It is always appropriate to apply a grain-of-salt to most everything you see or hear in eve. However, ours is an entirely trust-based service. If we were scamming, or if our products and services were not as good as we claim, then there would be posts here and elsewhere warning you away.

By all means come on over to our discord store and ask some of our clients about their experiences. [#public-lounge]


You will also hear loud cries – look for the person wearing a tinfoil hat – that shared bookmarks represent the end of civilisation or (insert conspiracy theory of choice), and that you will die if you use facilities such as ours. Exactly the opposite is the reality. By using bookmarks such as ours you can avoid being caught by a smartbomber or a bubble gang camping a gate, and you will have good quality safespots available before you even enter a system for the first time.

Bookmarks such as ours do not make you bombproof, they still need to be used with some game knowledge and common sense [#bookmark-safety and #safe-use]. However, having a complete suite of bookmarks available at your fingertips whenever you want to go somewhere new (or old) provides you with a huge advantage … whatever your intended gameplay. Of course, building all your own bookmarks, and keeping them entirely to yourself, is probably safer BUT you cannot build a safespot or a gate-perch tactical before you visit the system. Also, building bookmarks, especially top-quality bookmarks covering large areas of the eve cosmos, is an exacting and very time-consuming activity.

We believe the best safety v. effort balance lies in using our collections for travel and day-to-day operations and, when you’re settling down for more intensive operations in a system or region to start building your own private bookmarks (you can use ours to build your own quicker). We have an awful lot of bookmarks in use on a daily basis, and have not lost a single person at one of our bookmark locations or because of one of our bookmarks.


Our business model employs a subscription approach and dirt-cheap ideology. This approach is intended to provide clients with the ability to easily access large regions of space and to chop-and-change without huge sunk costs.

We also provide heavy discounts for larger groups, and large ‘all the-things’ purchases.

Want to know more?

Our discord server really does have a lot of information. It’s unlikely you will have a question that is not already addressed there … usually in excruciating detail :slight_smile:

Feel free to eve-mail me, or DM me in our discord store
An Leabharlannai

:slight_smile: :thumbsupparrot:

Please note, this is a WTS market posting. If you have views on the game dynamics of bookmarks and the use of shared / collective bookmarks, then those views have a place in general game dynamics forum groups … not derailing or trolling our marketing thread.

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