Booted off server, cant log back in

Anyone else?

Yup same here … this getting old fast!

Handshake Failed - Server Failure

I think it maybe time i move to new space game, its obvious ccp gave up

Maybe check your internet connection?

“try to switch it off and on again”

yeah my bad, seems my internet is off right now… :sweat_smile:

same here …
something wrong with the connection on their part .
There are 3381 connected though

no same here i have internet or i couldn’t be typing…

CCP Quality Control is on the job again

Handshake error for me too

yeah, we gotta wait for them to fix it. can’t be helped.

Yup same here.

Same here.

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Extended downtime today people. Try again after 11:30.

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tran is not even online guys …


you guys cant be this stupid?

that time’s up though

No issues with my connection or I wouldn’t be writing this … it’s the login server that’s having issues

now its online … 1500 chars online … have fun