Booted out

Tranquility just booted everybody out :expressionless:

It still says 20,518 online

I am uninhibited to mention that as of late the feeling of being treated like some neglected house cat when trying to play.

I feel somewhat abandoned right now and the future doesn’t look good! So if I don’t receive some impetuous action then I feel the next necessary step is to find somewhere else to play.

That 20,518 lucky players.

The game has been freezing a lot lately. Lots of stuttering and it messes with the UI a lot, where you can’t use the UI directly after a jump and the screen it botched.
Not good when entering Lowsec and Null as you need to directly warp away from the gate.

Don’t tell me we’re loosing the entire flock of Frostpackers.

Like seriously what do you care?

You have the best surname in the entire New Eden!

I do care. I like your posts and you’re funny guy.

Why thank you! :blush:

Tranquility back online for me

Would you like to get space married? I will share 50% of my assets I currenlty have right now If you agree that I may use your New Eden Mcminer surname for future pilots?

Oh-my where did that come from? I certainly didn’t expect that. Not that the thought of being EvE-married to someone who has many years in the game displeases me at all. I’m sure you could teach me a lot…

I don’t care for material stuff, even pixelated stuff.
If you share your good moods, your quircky personality and helpful attitude that would be worth much more to me than any ship or module in the whole game.

As long as those “future pilots” are born after we’re married. I wouldn’t want to populate New Eden with out-of-wedlock rugrats.
And if you make sure they’re named McMiner and not Mcminer :slightly_smiling_face:

Now all you have to do is find weding rings in Hek or Dodixie or Amarr or Jita. Good luck! :sweat_smile:

But yes. I will marry you. Twice.

You’ll need two rings for that…


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Uh Oh!

Iceacid has a new space princess. Aiko is going to be soooo pissed.

Watch your back, Josie.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Oh-noes! :eyes: I’m threatened by a pixel-princess!! Save yourselves!!! :running_man:‍:arrow_right:

That had arised without conscious thought.

That I can not promise upon as even I am unaware where it emerges from and can only guess it derives from some hardwired implant that offers such bonuses.

I shall respect your wish and not populate New Eden with “future pilots” named ending with McMiner or any variant until such events described above had been established.

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Doesn’t sound like things are very… :sunglasses: tranquil.



Hate to have to say it, but that’s exactly what I had with my old, low spec, PC a year or so ago and one of the reasons I bought a brand new gaming PC. One of the issues with the old PC was precisely that things would freeze up, the UI would not correctly display who was in the system or change it when the system was changed, and frequently being stuck in stargates…etc etc.

I initially thought the problem was Eve itself. But no…my new PC ( running a GTX 3060 GPU ) never has any such issues at all. I barely get any lag at all even in Jita with 2000 people there. And I can have the graphics on Ultra definition all the time and enjoy the universe in full detail.

Clearly noted and there won’t be anymore disturbance from me.

@Altara_Zemara If my pc was the problem, there wouldn’t be whole days without a problem, the game would have problems everytime I played it. But that’s not the case. My PC is fine.
I think a lot of the time it’s the connection that causes lags.