[BosAc] Skarkon II SITREP

I’m not gonna lie, I’m coming in with bombs to screw with the Kybernauts out of sheer spite. Congratulations, y’all pushed me beyond honorable motivations. Y’must be so proud.


Ah, now the mask comes off to show the grinning skeleton underneath. Beautiful. And you wonder why we’re skeptical of falling for the “no bro its totally a humanitarian structure ignore the guns bro trust me” schtick.

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Buddy, you and your friends murdered 27 stars. I ain’t smiling. Also, I’m an independent, no more connected to EM than any other EDI pilot. I don’t give a rat’s toasted arse about the structure, but I’ll let other EDI pilots do their thing while I’m shoving as many nova warheads up your exhaust as I can bring into system.


To make this absolutely clear:

Bravo Atruin is not a member of Electus Matari, nor part of any organization that would place him on our chain of command. What he does or does not is in our control.

None of your business, but the fact that there’s still people trapped in Skarkon might clue you in on some of the reasons.

None of your business.

Who? Also, none of your business.

Citation needed.

There’s not always a way out of these systems anymore.

I love the faux moral outrage (directed at somebody not even in EM) from a guy who’s siding with the people who caused the need for the humanitarian aid in the first place. You’re such a snake.


I mean I can see some similarities between one Arsia Elkin and Galm Eskola.

Both betrayed their people to survive.

Especially ironic when I joined the fight for moral reasons. You might be able to spin-doctor EM involvement because y’all were at war apparently, but I was perfectly fine leavin your Collective be until I saw what you did to Raravoss.

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I didn’t do anything that I did to survive.

Don’t pretend that you know a single God damn thing about me.


You have to ask that from the person(s) who have offered to buy.

EM has no open diplomatic lines to RPG, nor has RPG expressed interest in opening any.

It is your good fortune that he does not, else he would not have had to stop at a single similarity.

Thank you ever so much for your contribution to the discussion, Yassavi.

But I would appreciate it if you would be ever so kind, put your needles away and see yourself out of the thread. There’s more appropriate places for your high shitposting.

Triglavians, Transhumanists, Rogue Warclones, and Minmatar.

I hope this conflict is long and bloody. Very long and bloody.

Go play in traffic, Butcher.

I’ve talked wit Miss Rhiannon and cleared up any differences of intel we both had while obtaining decent intel of my own to work with.

I apologize for the factually incorrect information I provided.


Y’all ■■■■■■■■■■■■ are really making me deal with this after just ■■■■■■■ losing my homeworld, aren’t you?

Ugh ■■■■■■■ fine. The Alexylva Paradox would like to offer to take possession of the citadel under the conditions that it be considered a non-military site by all parties in order to facilitate the continued evacuations of the planet’s surface. EM and Stirbog should both contact me if interested, if someone more reputably neutral would like to step up instead of us please ■■■■■■■ do.



I have pulled back my fleets from Skarkon, and unless it is changed by higher than me, will not hit the Astrahaus’s Armor Timer. That being said, should a neutral party decide to hold the astrahaus instead of our enemies we can easily work out a neutrality pact from both sides for skarkon.

I will be speaking to the other commanders tonight about your proposition should EM accept it.


This news report says the Thukker invited warclones to Molden Heath to defend against Cartel incursions. If they end up fighting with the Cartel doesn’t that change the validity of the invitation?

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Bosena Accords never fought alongside the Angel Cartel, at best it was ‘you don’t get in my way, we don’t shoot you,’ Auriga. And, in a few found cases, the Accords did indeed engage Cartel that were found slaving.

Apologies, I must have misunderstood this:

To any Angel’s Cartel members that may have taken gumption with my original stance; please accept my personal apologies and my assurances that we are capable of acting in good faith together to uproot the Seykal-Krullefor alliance in Molden Heath.

That was some time ago, and situations changed more than once, but collaboration has not occurred despite Efrit’s claims.