Bosena Accords Warclone Incursion Intervention

Today, at roughly 1200 the Scope reported the following:

Provost Valkanir reported that AEGIS had taken part in “operations to increase the security of New Eden’s space in line with the remit of my division.” The head of AEGIS also noted that her division’s remit had been extended to include “security actions” on all forms of space infrastructure covered by the Yulai Convention, as well as spaceship traffic.

This comes off the backs of a consistent lack of transparency regarding Case Green Magic despite increasing occurrences of hostile action across the cluster that seemingly meets the descriptions of Case Green Magic’s modus operandi.

With no follow-up reports on initial suspicions as to the true nature of Case Green Magic, the cluster is left with little choice but to jump to conclusions regarding its identity. While Guristas have historically carried out high profile boarding parties against the Caldari state, their MO has been just that; high profile and extremely visible. Meanwhile, assaults by Blood Raiders remain somewhat routine and predictable, opting to carry out operations in large high-profile assaults in short telegraphed bursts into Empire space.

Indeed, only one known entity exists in New Eden capable of carrying out seemingly random raids and incursions. A force capable of utilizing a technological edge and overwhelming numbers to descend on a target without warning before disappearing without a trace; Sansha’s Nation.

The forces of the Bosena Accords, and the warclone community at large, fully understand the threat posed by True Power if not through direct combat than by working tangentially with the Nation through indirect contracts that serve initially incomprehensible aims to those not a part of their neural network. Contracts that seemed harmless or insignificant at the time may, regretfully, have been part of a larger strategy that has brought New Eden to its current state. It is a danger that threatens not only lone ships or remote colonies, but entire settlements and eventually empires if left unchecked.

In this knowledge, the Bosena Accords has opted to join various factions in campaigning to take an active stand against Sansha’s Nation whereever possible. Our experienced infantry, supported by our supplementary naval force, fully intends to take part in anti-incursion operations across the cluster to offset the growing threat of the Nation not only in Molden Heath but in the cluster at large. This will not only plug the holes left in AEGIS’s fledgling and yet-unproven capabilities, but will also focus the might of the Accords against a CONCORD-sanctioned target in operations that will continue to fund the warclone community as we move forward.

If you, or an organization you know, wishes to coordinate in anti-incursion activities please reach out to us at any time.



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Sorry, I’ll put it this way, so there’s no ambiguity.

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With respect to recent developments surround the Triglavian declaration that “Corrupted Narodyna must be extirpated” we feel the need to clarify our position and thoughts on the matter.

If indeed the Triglavians are in open war with the Nation we have not seen any open hostilities between the two factions within New Eden. We can only assume then that a larger conflict is happening elsewhere beyond our known space. If the Triglavian Collective are at war with Sansha’s Nation then it equally follows that the bulk of Sansha’s forces are being focused there rather than on the Incursions we see in New Eden.

Taking things to their logical conclusion these Incursions we have seen in local space (and those of Case Green Magic assuming they are one in the same) are just a small fraction of the bulk of Sansha’s forces. Given their apparent modus operandi its entirely likely that the strikes we see are either brief raids made specifically for the purpose of resupplying the larger Sansha War effort or are small targeted strikes with through planning and execution with no intention of sustaining a larger conflict. True Power’s military may have a horde of cybernetic murder-toasters backing them but considering their decades of exile I highly doubt they are capable of sustaining a two front war between the Triglavians and New Eden. Of the entirety of the Sansha we see here, they are most likely a small fraction of their larger force.

This is all… A lot of assumptions of course based off very little intel. If true however New Eden is facing two equally likely scenarios:

  • Sansha’s nation will win their conflict with the Triglavians and will then be able to turn the bulk of their forces against New Eden supported by the industrial capacity of whatever realm they’ve just conquered from the Trigs
  • Sansha’s nation will gradually lose their conflict with the Triglavian Collective and will be forced to make more frequent and desperate raids into New Eden to supply their war effort, before eventually being pushed back into New Eden outright en masse

Neither scenario is a good one. While I’m sure there are many who might claim the “enemy of our enemy is our friend” in the long run the best solution for New Eden may be that Sansha and the Triglavians remain at loggerheads for as long as possible without any additional support to give New Eden as much time as possible to prepare for the ensuing shitshow when one side finally caves.

Because rest assured, when they do cave, I sincerely doubt that AEGIS and CONCORD in their current state will be anywhere near prepared given their current performance.


There is no-where near enough data to claim these outcomes of any Triglavian/Sansha war are equally likely.

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If you insist on being painfully pedantic then yes, I can’t claim to at all accurately predict that the exact likelihood of either scenario with respect to the other at this time. Instead of saying “equally likely” I should have used a more accurate term like “equally as terrifying.”

Personally, I would have chosen to instead focus on the implication of their being a ■■■■-off huge Damocles-ian toaster army dangling at just above our heads that can come crashing down at any minute. Might be a bit more important, that.


There is no implication that the Toaster of Damocles[1] hanging over our heads is any larger than it was before we knew about the Triglavians. We knew even then that Sansha’s forces were able to throw seemingly-limitless forces into the area around Stain. We knew they were able to circumvent CONCORD’s and the empires’ cynojamming system via controlled wormhole generation to bring ships into highsec which are larger than could pass through any other known wormholes. And we knew they can—and do—attack anywhere they want at any time they want.

We already knew all that. If you were not preparing for that combination of facts alreadywhat the hell were you doing?

With that risk already established, saying that there might be an equal risk that either an even stronger, or a weakened-but-desperate, Sansha’s Nation will be attacking is… recklessly alarmist. It creates an environment that is prone to indecision. Do you build up further to defend against a super-charged nation? Or do you harden your forces, improving the quality of the deployed vessels, rather than bulking up their numbers, to protect against desperate, more frenzied raiding?

If entities are capable of doing both simultaneously, they already should have been. If they’re not, then presenting this as a 50/50 chance breeds paralysis and they bicker over which course is more prudent.

So, no, it was not pedantry that prompted my statement (though I fully admit to being pedantic), it was the simply strategic fact that you cannot intelligently decide on a course of action if you are using unfounded speculation as your basis. You are likely to either prepare for the wrong eventuality, or do nothing at all as you fall to in-fighting. Either one weakens the defenses you should already have and be working to improve.

  1. Sword of Toastocles? Hmmm.
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Toaster of Damocles is the correct word in this context. Toastocles is just ridiculous.


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