Bot reported emails... SPAM ... CCPLZ

CCP, please stop with the “Bot reported” emails. They are useless. I have received no less than 20 of these in a short amount of time.

Yes, I have reported suspected bots, but these emails are completely useless. They don’t even say which character it is that you have reported. And we know you receive the bot reported reports, no need to say, thanks we’ve received it.

Also, at least give us some way to unsubscribe from these emails in someway…

What we want is notification when a specific toon has been banned, that would be more satisfying.

And what’s happened to the proposed rewards for doing so? Wasn’t there some mention of a bot killmark or suchlike?

No naming banned characters in ban action email.
And no reward.

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Why is that? They should be named and shamed.

What if they are wrongfully banned and named & shamed? Like a certain Brisc Rubal ex-CSM member for example?

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I’m sure this already happens. I guess they appeal to CCP.

My gripe with this post is primarily the useless spam emails.

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I was replying to you bringing up naming and shaming being a good idea, explaining why it is not, at least knowing how CCP tend to screw up things. Personally I agree naming and shaming cheaters, hackers and whatnot should be the way to go, but that requires the person deemed guilty to be actually guilty, and CCP’s track record gives zero confidence so best if they don’t. The Brisc Rubal fiasco was a prime example and proof of that.

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You know you can just… filter emails like that…

I know a bunch of people who appreciate since they’re getting confirmation from CCP that their reports are working and leading to the banning of bots.


CCP says nothing: people whine
CCP says “thanks, we got it”: people whine


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