Botters ruining the game for all of us and CCP does not seem to care at all

(Daron Amatin) #21

i bet that is the npc mining fleet

(Inactive Seller) #22

The NPC dont use Hulks. I purchase recently a char called Fadeling ( criminal / ganker ) i try to stay more time next days. Havve two combat pilots more but sound as a problem in out times. Maybe the bots dont function the weekend.

(Space Bobba) #23

When it’s fair, I completely agree with you. But this is not fair, this is cheating, he has a clear advantage on the rest of us (a lot of miners out here). We have a few multi boxers there with pretty large fleet and they all say that what he’s doing with 13 hulks in impossible without some sort of script. If you ever mined with 2 you’d know how impossible it should be…

(Inactive Seller) #24

By the way i am other multiboxer with agree is non possible the things they are seemsly doing.

By the way i enter pasting the DT and seven of they enter, maybe were resting weekend. When i return fro mwork continue checking before the strike.

(yellow parasol) #25

Are the botters guys still active? wished i saw this earlier.

(Inactive Seller) #26

I see some of them (6-7) in the morning. Maybe we must update here when we saw them

(yellow parasol) #27

are you using alpha chars to gank them?

(Inactive Seller) #28

No, i have tgree omega in the sector, more notorius is Fadeling, but simple i dont see them. I am now in Ney cleaning an anomalie, but our times look very different. Maybe tomorrow downtime i can make a patern …

(Ima Wreckyou) #29

I recently had a Hulk bot fleet nextdoor. One thing I noticed right away is that they auto-docked as soon as I entered system. So probably all you need to do is to put an alt into CODE. and camp the system :ghost:

After adding a fast suicide tackler to my setup I managed to kill a couple of them before they closed shop and moved.

(Kaoraku Shayiskhun) #30

Honestly: if something is forbidden, then not I have to adapt, to avoid the meeting with that thing. Not I have to move to 0.0 or start ratting if i want to attack rocks, when he is the one, who not playing fair.

And yes, I live in null, and no, i am not a miner.

Me myself reported isboxer too, who actually streamed how he do it. I cannot say name, i give support everything, even system’s name, all they should have to do is check logs for that system. My case is closed, couse I couldn’t tell the name, and after that he never came online, so I was not even able to go there and check him.

(Inactive Seller) #31

Well, before the Downtrime were 5 mackinaws and a dont previous know character as Orca. They dont look botting.

When the downtime come, i can tenter again because i receive a phone call to go to work quickly, and will be checking in the future.

(Inactive Seller) #32

Something here is fishy. Iam in system now, and the Orca present is with some posters of here, but i am sure was the same orca dont related some hours / days earlier. Then the mack squad dont use Orca at times…

Anyway i rarely see more than 3 of them connected, and i am ratting heavly there.

I hope the botter offer a clear blank / confirmation before friday.

(WEWILLSEE Whatwillbe) #33

are we sure it is not the NPC fleets?

(Inactive Seller) #34

Yes, now, passing Downtime the characters Sgt, Hernan, Viven and caroll are the four using macks in Ice, exactly in the same spot in the icebotsala

ideas for doing something ?

(yellow parasol) #35


You bump off their orca (is it theirs?) in a stabber, tornado or machariel, they rely on it, so you just move it off the field. bumping the orbitting ships can be frustrating, but missing the orca is much harder.

Or, alternatively: You outmine the rocks they mine. I’m not willing to sub for this, but if you can get three or four max yield covetors and an orca there, properly paying attention, you can literally steal money from under his nose, which will piss him off soon enough.

When he then switches to max yield ships, you call the gank squad.

It’s perfectly doable to mine safely in max yield covetors with an orca. higgs rigs, shield links, webs. spiderweb the whole fleet, move towards celestials for fleetwarps while passing the rock.

(Inactive Seller) #36

Well, i am the Procurer very near. They are minng in macks , Hernan is in a corp.

i think i go to wardec that corp and destroy him under concord noses.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #37

Reading this thread. The biggest thing I’ve noticed. Is that despite reports of botting. The each system it is supposedly taking place in. And multiple people trying to pin them down. All that has been found after a week is a small fleet of ice-macks. Something that is EASY for a pilot to do without botting.

Clearly ccp should have wasted the time of their staff looking into this instead.

(Inactive Seller) #38

anyway is strange the precision they are showing. I multi with covetors and never same ice / ore. If i select the same with two or three, never is exact the same point the laser focus.

I think they are botters, lowing operations with some new faces there.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #39

Even if they are botters i think you guys wasted more time (and this means isk also) to hunt them but for what purpose? Even if you kill that smal fleet 2-3 times they eventually go to other systems. I also hate botters but this is like fighting windmills. There are thousands of systems in EVE. Go somewhere else. CCP take care of botters but this take some time.

(yellow parasol) #40

a defeatist’s attitude.