Botters ruining the game for all of us and CCP does not seem to care at all

(Inactive Seller) #41

As pass the last days, 4 macks connected in downtime, this time was connected an orca of a corporation present there, but only was the macks to get boost.

Then, a caracal near them for deffend or attack, i dont know, catacal was part of a providence corporation.

Is a fact they have 4-5 variable numbr of accounts connected only in the mornings, and i never see at the same tieme the op with the bots.

Conclusion :

Is something fishy here, high noise, low signal. I think the 4 are bots, but something more is happening and dont have relevance , in my humble point of view, the problem with bots is real, but dont ruin mining here for the OP in the times i am connected, is a low mining operation and no a they zerg belts in less than 20 min operation.

I go to retire of the system, good luck and report them to CCP.

(WEWILLSEE Whatwillbe) #42

Bro thanx for the interesting research and sharing, espionage is also an interesting part of EVE how I see!

(yellow parasol) #43

It is!

(Space Bobba) #44

Yeah we’ve a few pilots bump his orca when he got his hulk fleet out, he then moves to mackinaws, sometimes he brings out a porpoise too. He’s obviously been doing this for a LONG time…

(The Whale Hunter) #45

Ala system in Sing Laison.

13 Hulks or Mackinaws (as I write this, Mackinaws) plus Orca and Obelisk.

When bumped, he’ll switch the Orca to a Porpoise.

Same crew as listed by Space Bobba.

Botter, probably not. Macro/script/other software user, probably so.

(Seekera) #46

I run 6 accounts and have my hands full controlling all 6. I might be able to push 10 in null but 5 in High sec you got your hands full if controlling individually. Honestly not sure how you can control more accounts than that before you start loosing the benefit of multiple account mining. Also could form a pirate encounter on a multiboxer. Nothing hurts more than loosing a fleet of T2 barges. For instance if I lost a fleet of Hulks or Mack’s that would cost me 1.5 bil to replace. Much to loose in one setting.

(yellow parasol) #47

how the hell do you do that? i’ve had my hands FULL with only three Orca boosted, full yield covetors! O_o

(Inactive Seller) #48

Myself oper normally with 5 procurer / covetor with orca and one freighter. Have problems with more than that

(Lugues Slive) #49

In my heyday I ran 8 characters. 3 sets of 2 hulks, an orca and a frieghter. Now due to RL and OGB changes I am down to 2 skiffs and an orca.

(ZorMighty) #50

Mining can be easy missleading, if you want to see how bots look like go there

4-5 nightmares going often 20hours a day of nonstop ratting, and yes ccp do not care, as such get reported, often.

(QuakeGod) #51

What’s the fastest bumping ship you can get? I currently use a Prophecy @ 4,600 m/s to deter these bot gang miners…

(Hewolf) #52

I got a reply back from a ticket I submitted that stated if the ship has no pilot listed then its a NPC mining op and not a PC mining with a bot.

(Fadeling) #53

Guys, only reporting i sell this pilot (check character bazaar ) if u see me in that system, is not the same owner, take care and good luck.

(Isha Hanaya) #54

Saw 4 covetors stuck behind an Orca, going at the exact same speed as the orca, as if all 6 ships were one and the same.
If that’s not botting, I don’t know what is it

(Krima Sumyungi) #55

It’s called multiboxing. Legit players do it all the time. This is one reason botting is hard to stop, because people of limited knowledge can’t tell the difference between a bot and a multiboxer and muddy the waters with useless tickets against innocent people, resulting in CCP having to err even further on the side of caution less they ban a legit player because of another players ignorance.

(Isha Hanaya) #56

Did CCP made a guide as to how diiferentiate botters and non-botters ?

(Blade Darth) #57

You don’t need a guide for that. There are some edge cases but in general bots are easy to spot.

(Krima Sumyungi) #58

One easy thing is communication. A simple “Hi player X” in local or pm is one way to see if anyone is there. Granted, not everyone will say hi back even if they are there, but it is one place to start in determining between MB or bot.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #59

Local is cancer. I keep everything except the player-lost hidden so even if you tried talking to me I probably wouldn’t see it.

(Krima Sumyungi) #60

I also mentioned trying to pm, not just local. As I also said, not everyone would respond regardless, but it’s a place to start. Further analysis could consist of bumping one or two of the ships. Do you get a response? Do the ships just sit where you bumped them to?