Anyone got EVE running though Bottles on SlackwareOS?
I made the attempt but failed and I will not afford myself the luxury of EVE Everywhere but still jonesing for an Alpha fix.
It’s a desperate long-shot I know.

It runs quite happily under plain vanilla WINE (though you’ll have to do a bit of building to get Directx12 running if you want it). Failing that it’ll also run through Steam on Linux.

Never tried Bottles for this purpose.

I’m on Mint and attempted bottles a couple weeks ago specifically to try out the new launcher install.

Failed miserably.

Contributing factors probably include:
-Testing whack new installer that probably wouldn’t work anyway
-I didn’t know what I was doing
-Lack of motivation because it still works the normal ways

I bet somebody can get it working…just wasn’t me.


CCP did native port on mac, but didn’t even move about native dxvk. I think need whine in main topic about new launcher about fixing some stuff (running on proton in Steam for example).

mines working fine with bottles (tumbleweed), didnt have to do anything

Several people on the official Discord have the new beta launcher working on Linux. The installer refuses to run due to missing runas support in Bottles so you have to unzip the installer payload somewhere and move things about by hand - but it does work and self-update after that.

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