Bought same skill twice 30secs apart, wheres the 2nd one?

(Kram Nacnud) #1

Hi, it seems I accidentally bought the same skill twice 30 seconds apart(?). I didn’t notice (until now checking my transactions log) and injected the skill. But I’m sure there weren’t two skills in my hanger.

So where’s the 2nd skill? I can’t find it anywhere, searched all assets, looked in the holds of my ships incase I’d popped it in there. But no, can’t find it and there’s no record of me selling the 2nd skill.

Is this a bug?
TIA, Kram.

(Vala Azar) #2

Have you tried Alt+T and the “search”-tab?

(Kram Nacnud) #3

Thanks for responding. But yes. Both bought from the same seller in Rens. Is there an internal log showing that activity?