Bought Starter pack but nothing happened ingame :O


I bought a Starter pack for 4.99 bucks like couple hrs ago but nothing happened in game :open_mouth:

Redeem option below my 3 character does not exist…

Glad to know it wasn’t just me.
I bought for my alt account and my main, and it showed up
on neither, but i was charged.

Does show under your Inventory tab for each of the characters in your account. Allocate by pulling items down from inventory in the character that you want to give them to.

I bought the starter pack for 2 accounts yesterday and it worked properly. Use your Neocom -> Inventory -> Redeem Items. If it isn’t there, log a ticket.

You all fell for the greatest scam ever xD

It’s like they are doing everything in their power to push costumers away…

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