How to buy as many Starter Packs (and SP) as you want

So, as a forewarning, I haven’t tested this exact chain of actions - Primarily as I don’t really need any SP unless I wanted to fly supercapitals on Jin’taan - But I have done every individual step during 2019.

Step 1 - Start a referral account.

This will give you an account with 1 character, and 750,000 unallocated SP.

Step 2 - Put 1000 PLEX into your main characters PLEX vault

Step 3 - Peitition to have your main character transferred as per this post to the referall account

Step 4 - Purchase the Starter Pack again on your new account

Step 5 - Redeem all your unallocated SP from the redeeming queue onto your main toon

(Optional) Step 6 - Buy Omega on this new account to get 350 PLEX back on your previous account, subsidising the cost of the transfer.


Obviously this is something I disagree with being possible, but I felt it was important to explain this exploit to the community, as people have already begun to use it and I don’t want it to linger in the shadows for a long time as the MPTC thing did.

This is more efficient for any character over 5m SP than buying injectors off the market with the PLEX invested in the process, although it only really comes into it’s own after you go beyond 50m SP.


CCP hid the post so I’m editing it so it shows up again :slight_smile:


Will the system ever be made to automate the transfer process?

Like what if you wish to do more than a few transfers with he same character in one day?

/found this; “For security reasons, character transfers are processed with a 10-hour delay, during which the character is frozen and cannot be used.”

Oh jeez. :psyccp:

Eve players once again doing emergent things to the surprise of CCP.

Thx for bringing this into the light.

@CCP_Falcon … what is CCP’s opinion on this creative meta gameplay? and just how many of these starter packs have you sold in the last few days?

(this is not intended as an attack on Jin’taan, more of a face palm about CCP)


I’m just going to go in the corner and cry a little…


Yeah I think it’s the best thing to do to just bring it to everyone’s attention. I don’t intend to abuse this, as noted in the post, but I already know people who have.


Can ccp just skip all this trouble and let us buy the starter pack directly?

You got the most beautiful character I have ever seen

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Aw, thank you, you are so sweet. :blush:

I thought there was a time limit on transfers? Isn’t this basically a one shot deal?

How can 350 plex subsidize the 1000 plex you need for the transfer.

You are still out 650 plex (around 2.6b isk) and 110 plex (440m, the equivalent of the 5 euro starter pack), for 1m unallocated SP, so 3.05b isk overall.

If you’re already over 50mil SP, each injector only provides 150,000 SP, so you’d need six large skill injectors to get (almost) a million SP. Compared to buying large skill injectors at nearly a billion ISK a pop, getting 1 million SP for 3.05 billion ISK is roughly a 50% savings.

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Transferring an account will cost you $20. If CCP is just freely doing account transfers via petition then I hope someone at CCP has some free time. I’d like to do some shifting around of sorts (20 accts). You’re also giving up 3.9 million SP in exchange for 1.75 million SP and just enough PLEX to buy a garbage off-faction skin from the NES.

Not sure where you think this has you coming out on top??

It costs 1000 PLEX, read the post properly please.

1000 PLEX or 2 months game time is worth ~3.9M SP with +5’s and attributes tuned. So you are paying 12 Billion ISK for ~4 Billion ISK worth of PLEX in the end.
Congratulations. You’re lazy and stupid and people who do this stuff are why I haven’t paid CCP a dime in the last 5 years to play Eve across multiple accounts.

The guy I was replying to was looking at it from the standpoint of actually buying SPs to inject. Paying that much for actual injected skillpoints as a high SP player is reasonable, but if you’re farming SPs to sell injectors to PLEX your account, your math pretty much spot on (although I don’t see the price of extractors in your math).

I pay for all of my accounts, and do a little second-character-training-queue SP farming on the side. :wink:

This is going to be great for destruction, all kinds of players upgrading to ships they have no clue how to fly.

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