Bounty hunter service / feature on botts

Refund bounties ( times something ) for having located a pilot outside EULA … ?
Please ?

:heart: Can I get ideas on making EVE more insane pilot-less :heart:

Messed up post lacking any sort of coherent thought. I had a peek at Z, I’m still confused.

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am I allowed to say : "welcome to the tanked 1 billion ISK bo[u]nty club "
Simulate for ethics

Translation, because I don’t know what drugs OP is on

Can players receive a refund for the ISK spent placing bounties on characters when those characters are later banned from the game for violations of EULA (ex. bots), because in those situations, the ISK spent on bounties is lost entirely as neither the bounty-er nor hunters will be able to collect the bounty (as that character is banned).

But surely if you place a bounty on someone and they are removed from interacting with you, then you got what you paid for?

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