Bow Down. - PvP null sec Alliance Recruiting

Based in Etherium Reach

Who we are:

Bow Down. [KN33L] is a community first Alliance that thrives on being proud of its culture, hosted by nul-li-fy a corp with a long time null sec presence.
Both PVP and Industry have a strong focus to cater to all interests of our members and keep things fluid. While we are a RL 1st community function, we operate with a very dedicated team to ensure things happen on time every time.
[KN33L] also has a solid and well-functioning logistics backbone for day to day requirements and also deployment-based interests.

We are looking for like minded corps to join our fray and have some good times with us.

What would we expect from you?
Participation in Alliance focused Ops.
To provide members from your corp to fill and expand existing roles within the Alliance.
Not be shitbirds
Make every effort to use fair play policies work.
Be part of a Team

  • PvP Focused
  • SOV Holding Alliance
  • SRP Program
  • VERY good internal culture

Enquiries in Game should be to the list below or in game Channel KN33L

• Jin’Mei Kim (Aus)
• Andres989 (US)
• Raven Hyperbollic (EU)
• Sarus Drem (Aus)


If your alliance complaint list is longer than your kb, you should join bow down.
If your carebare corp doesn’t know how to pvp, you should join bow down.
If you don’t want to be renters and want to fight for what should be yours, you should join bow down.
If your corp has been treated as nothing more than fleet filler, you should join bow down.

Read more about your future alliance mates here:

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I give a +10 to this

Thanks for having a read, feel free to stop in for a chat.

Room for more

just checking in and free bump, we have been looking around but we’re still keen on you guys, I’ll try catch up with you tomorrow


bump still looking for peeps

Another bump. Getting better all the time join up If your corp enjoys having fun. We cover eu/us/au tz’s. Yes by autz we mean we do have more than one.

bump back to the top looking for active corps now

Room for more!

Bump to the top, looking for small pvp corps also

Bump join us today and have some fun!!!

Where is Crab Nebula?

Room for more.

Cool guys to fly around with and kill capsules.


Bump of the day…

Bump. Still recruiting eu, us, aus tz corps. Nullify is still recruiting individuals.

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