Reforming corp looking for good Alliance in null

(lore Dethahal) #1

Reforming corp looking for nullsec alliance to provide us with the following

1: Super capital use
2: competent FC’s
3: good pvp fleets with all tz’s covered
4: good Isk making area (not many jews in corp)
5: good area to expand our numbers with experienced pilots
6: Friendly enviroment.

Currently can form about 15 with alts alone

(xHxHxAOD) #2

feel free to hit us up ingame pub or on discord

(Janie Omanid) #3

Hey, come take a look at FAIL:) we are able to offer all of the above

(Daedalus Prometheus) #4

Orbital Fux is looking for more members to join in the form of corps and pilots. We can offer most of what you have above. Evemail me if you want to chat. Fly Safe

(Evertrader) #5

[LORDE] - null sec alliance for you! -

Lore Dethahal come and join LORDE stay close enjoy the content we provide.

(CaseyLP) #6

How many total members does your corp have?

(lore Dethahal) #7

@CaseyLP Will not be disclosed until we get a full count of all assets needing to move.

we are still moving ■■■■ so corp numbers are lower right now until they are safe.

(system) #8

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