FAIL is back looking for corps!

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Been in FAIL for a few months now. Good bunch of guys to fly with. Good FCs who are great at getting people up to speed in PvP. Lots of older bros to help you out with whatever you are trying to do.


love that alli lots of pvp and lots of isk to make and every day more and more ■■■■■■■■ to talk about. Don’t forget the drunk fleets. if you don’t have fun here you may not the type of person who loves to laugh!!


Great alliance for people who want to learn the basics of Eve and how to live in Null Sec. Plenty of PVP and PVE to be had by all.


We has blow and bitches


As a new Eve player, Cascade and Cloaked have made this game fun. Plenty of experienced players who know the ins and outs of this great game. Been having lots of fun shooting stuff with our great FCs.




We are Artisans… We stomp the yard… Check out our butts… They are rock hard!

Do you like long roams through new Eden? Meeting new people? And killing Them! Come fly with Cascade!

-CEO of Artisans ov War


FAIL has been nothing but fun. Soooo much content, cool capsuleers, a great balance of salt free experienced pilots and newbro’s learning the ropes. Come join our ranks and have the opportunity to put your mark on Eve.


Fail has been awesome for me. Getting out of HS and joining a Null alliance is a great move, I have more people in my TZ to fly with, fun bros and great FCs. And my killboard actually looks heaps better too. Honestly, best fun I’ve had in EvE for a long time.


CLGF director here, I have been here since a couple of days after Cloaked Goof restarted and have watched the corp and alliance grow from having 3-4 people in a CTA to now being able to field fully loaded fleets!

Great friends have been made and fun has been had!

And weekly drunkfleets are a bonus


Evening all,

I’m Archie Ceo of Cloaked goof corp and alliance Exec of Cascade Imminent.

FAIL has been my home and legacy in eve since early 2010.

In that time I have seen many great things achieved by an alliance who people thought “couldn’t get the job done”

After reforming earlier this year we have taken the time to get to know our membership learn and understand what they most enjoy in eve and how we can deliver that too them, taking every day as a learning expirience we have slowly developed a great core of infrastructure, leadership, fc’s And line members.

My philosophy in eve is simple, no question is too stupid and even a high sec miner could be the next great fc or director.

We believe in FAIL that the situation is not just “what it is” it’s about making the best of “what it is”.

I speak directly now to the CEO’s of corps who are dying to get their break in nullsec and frankly just be given a shot.

This is my testimonial : I made the choice a few months back to basically remove recruitment standards for corps (corp Direction/profession and size) It is my belief that everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves. A few months back I took in a corp who were almost exclusively high sec miners , to begin with just the ceo and 1 director moved into our space, however that was a consistent +2 in every fleet that went up. They joined everyday relentlessly, gradually their membership started flying out to join the fleets, they started getting involved with the alliance and what it has to offer.

3 days ago the same corp which is small in size had 8 people in a fleet. But not as high sec miners, as guys who showed up on time in the right ships ready to fight and die for FAIL. This growth without a shadow of a doubt will continue , and I am proud to say I took the right risk bringing them onboard.

This simple statement reinforced to me that my choice to allow a corp who on the surface should be cast aside perhaps should be given a chance.

If you think this could be your corp then I want you to contact gerrrr and get talking to him about your corps future !!!

Alliance exec

Rule 16 : IF you fail in epic proportions, it may just becoming a winning failure


Hello to one and all o/ o7

I am Eratic Sparticus, Director for Cloaked Goof in the AUTZ.

I joined Cloaked Goof roughly 7-8 months ago starting Eve again after various few years of not playing. My get to and go to nature to get things done with great leadership on hand, Excellent content providers as well as having learnt so much since being in NullSec. With more people joining constantly I can feel more relaxed with doing whats needed to help everyone out. We have a great atmosphere not only in Cloaked Goof but within the Cascade Imminent Alliance. We want you all to be apart of something great and/or want to be trained and train with us to be something great.

My goal within CLGF and Cascade is to ensure that our AUTZ is one badass unit so we can alleviate the pressure of our polar Time Zones. With trying to ensure the best thing possible I put forth to all Australian TimeZone Eve Players, Join us and join our climb to victory and become apart of something great! :smiley:

CLGF Director

Rule 16 : IF you fail in epic proportions, it may just becoming a winning failure


I’ve been in Fail for about five months now. I joined after two weeks of unfruitful solo play in an NPC Corp. In that short time I’ve risen through the ranks, first as a recruitment officer. Then as a basic trainer. And now I’m a USTZ Director, and the Academy Dean of our Newbro Training Academy. This was only possible, because of the incredible support I received from from leadership,and veterans alike, which was nothing short of epic. Even the newbros help each other out when they can. Fail has become not just an alliance of corporations, but a community. Largely due to how closely involved our leadership teams are with newbros and veterans alike.


I should also mention, I am not a returning player. I have never played Eve before I joined a few months ago. I’ve also hated pvp in every other MMO I’ve played, except Eve. I originally started playing so I could explore space and take in the scenery. Now I am fiercely committed to not only the success of my Corporation and alliance, but to all of our members. My primary goal is to continue to Foster the sense of community that Archie, and the rest of senior leadership have worked so hard to build.


Fantastic experience being in this corp. I started the game three months ago and almost immediately joined. I have no regrets, the help and experience I have received has set me up for success. I have gotten to a point with them I would not otherwise have and can now even help train newer members thanks to my time here.



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I endorse this alliance. Killed my first titan with Archie and co. Great guy. Tons of fun to fly with.


Aussie bros, come join us. i have been in this alliance on and off since 2013. I consider myself a wanderer moving from place to place, corp to corp. but i always end up back in fail.

Great bunch of guys, great pvp and pve opportunities.

New Bros Welcome!
Old Bros Welcome!
Sisters also welcome!


Hey all,

I’m Goretorium, y’all can call me gore. CEO of Artisans ov War and Alliance FC.

Our corp specializes in advanced PvP and tactics, Small Gang all the way up to Alliance level conflicts.

We came from Amarr Faction Warfare where we led the greater amarrian coalition via our own alliance Law and Ordnance. After completely dominating Minmatar and breaking their 2 year stranglehold over FW we merged the FW alliance down to the executor corp and shipped out to Cascade.

We joined Cascade to help them strengthen up and find good fights in nullsec, as lowsec fights had basically dried up 100% and I used to be in Cascade back in the day but one thing is for certain. We’re here to kick ass and chew bubblegum… And we’re all out of bubblegum!

If you want to learn PvP from some highly experienced dudes, come on out to cascade

CEO of AovW