BP notifications

For some reason, I get a notification that I just delivered a BP. This is kind of silly since I just pressed the button, so I am well aware. Could you change the notification to let players know that a BP is ready for delivery? That would be a little more useful than a delivered notification. Since a BP could become deliverable at any time, and because even though all the checkboxes are checked, the client doesn’t notify me when a BP is ready. Thank you.

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This happens during the eve launcher??

Yeah, he put this in the wrong section, but it is a good point. Notifications that jobs are complete are a hell of lot more useful than a notification telling you about the thing that you just did.

It’s like if the forums sent you a notification every time you posted, but not when people replied or at you.

Ah I see

I was posting from the launcher without realizing it would stick me in the EVE Launcher section when I made my post. Sorry, Dunno if someone could move my post over.

You can edit your first post and change the location

Thank you. Done.