PLEASE Can we get a notification when 'in production' jobs are at risk?

So the Perimeter Sotiyo is soon going to go bang - no problem with that - it’s great. What I do have some problem with is that I’m going to lose BPOs that were being researched locally so I can make some ISK.

What is backward is that when the structure goes into the ‘Hull timer’ - then you get a notification saying that your BPs have been halted. Okay, so go and pull them right? Wrong! When you go to get them you can’t - because the damage to ‘Armour timer’ puts the industry service offline - so your jobs are just stuck there.

Why get a notifcation only AFTER THE FACT? Either send a notifcation when the Shield is destroyed to go along with the one sent when the Armour is destroyed (giving time to go pull your BPOs) - or don’t send any at all. Sending one when there nothing you can do is literally adding insult to injury. Be consistent.

And to pre-empt pilots saying that we should know that the structure is going to be destroyed by the Goons? Why should we? Tens of thousands of pilots play this game concurrently and expecting them to know when all the offensives happen - particularly in the HS neighbouring system to Jita is not going to happen.

Luckily I can absorb this loss, but I’m a bit annoyed how it was allowed to happen without me being able to do anything about it. And I suspect when the structure does ultimately go bang, there will be more people whinging.

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