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Part 1 - Just logged back on with one of my old toons from years ago. They have roughly 430-ish BPC’s. I know I shouldn’t place my faith in an app like Necom, but how accurate is the wealth tracker? I ask because its saying I have 54B in assets. I only really have BPC.

Part 2 - BPC’s have to be sold via contracts? Should I do a contract for everything or break it up to get max returns?

Thanks for any help.

A lot of third party applications cant tell the difference between a BPC and a BPO.

It may be valuing it as BPO’s. If so, it will be off by a large margin.

To get the best value for them you should sell them in small groups based on needed skill for manufacture or use.

If your contract looks like a random selection of BPC’s then you would want a fire sale price and hope someone wants it

Thank you Scarlett!

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