WTS Hundreds of BPO & BPC - Some Max

Hey there I have a ton to sell 2 jumps away from Jita. I have organized this into a spreadsheet with 4 tabs. There is Maxxed (10 runs 10/20), Not Max (Mixed Bag but most of them are somewhat researched), BPO which is also somewhat researhced, and a list of tons of T2

Not sure what the haul is worth, but taking offers. Even if you dont feel like making an offer, comment what you think its worth.

I dont think Evepraisal is accurate but: Evepraisal - Appraisal 10l639: 63.07 Billion Buy / 114.99 Billion Sell

hoots-man there’s no excuse loose about this … bazaar

we can D:Ream

the BPO’s are 0,5 bil if ME/TE = 0/0

If you past your bpc in evepraisal as BPO, you get a very very wrong idea of the value

edit: for example the retriever.
if you have 15 retriever BPO’s, that would make 15 x 1,8 bil sell value = 27 bil
If you have 15 retriever BPC, that would make 15 x 1 mil sell value = 0.015 bil

edit2: if you wanne have an idea of BPC sell prices; check my stock sheet, that is the price I sell BPC.

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