BPC stack functionality – improvement request

Why the same BPCs cannot be stacked? It is a nightmare to monitor their numbers. I build lots of T2 items and never know my BPC numbers. It is very annoying to count them now.

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Same reason developed BPO’s cannot. As BPC have differing values.

That can’t be the reason for this. You could just stack all the BPC with the same stats. You’d still have a number of stacks but not 1000 loose BPC in a container.

Database functionality.
It stacks things which are ‘the same item’. BPC’s are all unique items, so it doesn’t stack them.

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So why do not make all BPC with the same stats, as “the same item” from database point of view?

Just a guess but probably too many combinations possible due to TE, ME and number of runs remaining, thus would require ten thousands of items per BPC to can properly stack them all.

For example each blueprint copy can have 0-10 materials efficiency, 0-20 time efficiency and also can have a 1-‘X’ number of runs left where ‘X’ can be up to tens, hundreds or even thousands depending on the type of blueprint.

For example this means of one single type of blueprint that can have a maximum of 50 runs there can be 11 x 21 x 50 = 11,550 database items due to all permutations. In case one that can have a thousand (1000) maximum runs it is 11 x 21 x 1000 = 231,000 possible combinations thus requires as many database items. But like ammo and some other blueprints can have thousands and some others close to ten thousands of runs even.

And I assume there are thousands of blueprint types in EVE thus would need thousands times the database entries in total.

Not an expert but I assume this would be troublesome for the database to handle… is my guess.

So every time you use 1 run, it destroys the item and creates a new item?

I mean why not? Considering that the BPC is more or less “gone” during the job anyway?

Because item limits per station
Because creating and destroying items is far more resource intensive than simply changing a single entry by 1
Because it will make the whole stacking pointless anyway

Now… Asking for a redo where BPC’s aren’t a thing to reduce the clutter and needless makework in T2 invention, that could have some merit.

Ok, maybe having types for each variation is not the best idea. But they could do some script to compare stats and stack them if they match on the screen despite being different items in the database.