BPC stacking

Hi i’m here to make a plea for a change too BPCs, specifically their stacking and then also an increase in copy runs to follow that. I run a capital BPCs sets business so i know how annoying these things are. For example i give u a picture of my Jita hangar: https://i.imgur.com/dDPM0hh.png
Yes that’s a ton of BPCs and cans ain’t it ;p

I would like to suggest BPCs get a stack/unstack function:

  • less stuff for the game to remember (currently game has to remember, name/me/te/runs for every single 1 of these).
  • Less hassle for both producers as well for the BPCs set makers.
  • Less clutter for like people finding these BPCs in data sites and such.
  • Sorting big stacks of these gets a lot easier: i use the indy window, but that lagged a lot in the past and even now seems to have real issue with sorting these high amounts.
  • Checking if the BPC set u bought has all the correct runs is a lot faster easier.

I do get that for some BPCs, for example capitals that can only be made in single run copies, ccp maybe doesn’t want people building these 5 in 1 job (because ME would apply to the hole stack making these even cheaper. ) Though a simple stack limit for some would fix this. Thought multi building caps in 1 job would mean the person has to wait till all runs done to be able to use/sell these, so i don’t see it as that of a problem

If not for the players at least think about it for the server, it gets a mayor stoke every time i move these.
And it seems like a pretty simply quality of life improvement.

I hope 1 of the CSM is willing to back this a bit, it’s small but after all this overlooking, it does need addressing., if not like this just something. If some1 has any better i’d gladly way in on a discusion, but till then i suggest this.
Indy tends to scare smaller players away, reducing the headache might help get more interested.

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Merging bpcs is an idea which crops up regularly. However, there’s side effects of doing so, which people rarely consider.

The primary one is what its do to some t2 industry, b6 changing the run duration from invented bpcs. When you have a 6 hour max duration, that’s still going to take a day for many people (As they don’t come back 6 hours later) merging them would massively increase how many could be made

i knew this, it’s why i noted a stack limit might be needed. (that or just not letting those be stackable). I just don’t do t2 indo so for my exaple i just sticked to capitals. for capitals i don’t see the issue, but yeah like you say t2 might be one
Thought correct me if i’m wrong isn’t the invention step the bigger limiting factor to how many you can produce?

I also make capital BPC kits, though it’s a smaller part of my business and would love to see some tools to help organize hangar space. The notion of merging/splitting BPC runs hadn’t occurred to me and I can see the potential for problems (or a lot of special cases) unless the maximum runs is limited to the current maximum for the BPC. It could be used to consolidate BPCs with fewer than the maximum number of runs but not to increase the maximum number of runs. I believe there should be an element of risk that the merge or split damages the print - this is Eve.

For my own business, I dream of a T2 station container that allows nesting of smaller containers. It would solve my problem and make cooperative industry at the corporate level a lot easier.

Surely you can make Bpcs of the same ME TE and runs stack just like reaction formulas. Would make it easier to see which Bpcs are max run and which aren’t as well.

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Can we do the same with BPO’s too? My hangar also is a PITA.

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Not only stacking but showing me and 're on stacks.
A blueprint organizer window for bpo completionist.

My bpcs almost crashed my computer last night.
I would like to see a bpo vault myself.

Just a thought here and I do support the suggestion.

Can we have a Plex Vault like bay for BPOs as all it is information, if we can transfer our brains a couple backup diagrams would seem to be easy.

Note my plan would also require you to check out the BPO for copying or building but old BPOs that you do no use often could then be stored and reduce hanger lag.
Just an idea.

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