Compact BPC

Hello. I have so many bpcs it becomes hard to use them, plus I am to the limit. Many of them are the same, eg I invented 3-run vagabonds but only used 1 run on the ten bpc because it was faster than building on the same.

So I propose, to be able to “compact” bpcs. This would be done in two ways :

The first way is to right clic a bpc and select the “compact” option . This opens a new window, that

  • Shows you the exiting stats of the bpc on the first panel ;
  • list the exiting bpcs with same me/te stats in the same location on the second panel and allow you to add them, also a small box on the bottom of small panel to drag bpcs from another location ;
  • and finally shows the number of bpcs and run on the newly created bpcs on the third panel, eg if vigilant is limited to 10 runs, and I compact 7 3-run bpcs that would result in 2*10-run and one 1-run (all with the same me/te stats).

The second option is to select several bpcs and on right-clic, have the option “compact all” that automatically compact all the bpcs of the same type and me/te. No window, but you need to be extra careful.

Ive seen this asked for many times and it has never been implemented, My suggestion is use small containers to inventory your BPCs

I already do.

I have over 3k bps right now. Some are bpo, some are storyline, some are faction (rattlesnake…), some are T1 (for invention or remote build), some are T2.

I have several containers. My main issue is that loading the industry window not only takes 5 minutes, but also keeps lagging like hell. It did not happen when I had only 2k bps so I guess it may be related ;anyhow it’s a hassle to find the bps I have and the run available - though I have a program that manages this in less than 20s.

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