BPO listed by racial mod needed for invention

So you folks are my last hope. I hope some white knight in shining Invention armor can save me.
What I am trying to do is GET A LIST of all BPOS that require ONE specific Encryption method to make.
SO for instance I have Amarr to encryption level 5 so it makes sense to focus on BPC inventions that require just that skill. I am wanting to find a LIST of those so I can then figure out viability and usefulness. I am aware that some things take Multiple different skills and that is fine and even that list is helpful.
So I have no idea if this exists I hope it does. I currently use http://www.eve-cost.eu/calculator to sort out costs etc for making things but I cannot list specifically per Encryption method.
IF anybody knows of a tool or has a list please contact me in game PUNCHERDAVIS or here I would be of great appreciation.

Thank you in advance and have a blessed day.

I’m on it

15 min later


You are awesome I cannot thank you enough it makes things SOOO much easier. If you give me your in game name I will make a thank you donation:) I see in looking these up that there are additional skills that are needed as well. At least i have a basic list now I can add to.

no need it’s okay.

You can also use this site - http://games.chruker.dk/eve_online/item.php?type_id=23087 - you can see the BPOs in the Invention list. Just select different skill to see which BPOs need it.

BTW the 1 on the second line is the level of the skill. As you can see no invention requires more than lvl 1 in a given skill. some require lvl 0 though ¿¿?? :parrotbeer:

Excellent list sir thank you

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