BPO research structure bonuses on refinery?


Sorry, my english is not very good…

My question:
We want to anchor a structure for research jobs. I am testing some versions on testserver and see, the TATARA have time bonuses for BPO research. (25%)
Listed is only the bonus for reaction, not for research…

The AZBEL have only 20% and is the second choise for us at the moment.

Is it correct or a bug?
I have to know it first, before we can plan the next step…


25% reduction in time requirements for reaction jobs

This bonus means industry jobs for reacting gases, moon materials or hybrid things from wormhole space require 25% less time.

Refineries have no science bonuses. If you want to perform science jobs (research, invention, copying), you need to use an Engineering Complex (Raitaru, Azbel, Sotiyo)

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I know this rules, but it’s working on test server! I can do research on the TATATA faster than on the AZBEL.
You can test it yourself.

I think it’s a bug, but i am not sure…

That sounds very much like a bug. Since the Tatara has no bonuses to industry jobs other than reaction, it should not be possible to research BPO faster in there compared to an Azbel.

Even if you are not sure, you can always file a bug report with an extensive description of the problem/bug. If you have problems doing that in English, you can likely also send a support ticket with the bug report and screenshots in your native tongue, as long as it’s one of the supported languages (Russian, German, French, Chinese) and ask an ISD to translated it into English.

OK. I have sent a bug report to CCP…
Thanks for answering!

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