T2 Production Time

I’ve some T2 BPOs

Valk II production time was 20 mins per unit, it’s now 40 mins per unit

Have I missed something?

base is 50:00 so 3000s
industry V => ×.8
adv indus V => ×.85
graviton V => ×.95
electronic engineering V => ×.95
total 1842 s <31 min
And that’s TE 0 and no structure bonus and no rig.
I guess the toon you are using is missing some skills.

base stats :

T2 BPC :

He’s not that’s what has me stumped, took production out of Azbel and into Npc then back into azbel and this happens

It’s bizarre

My BPO is 10-20 also

Do I need research module in Azbel to boost?

even if I simulate BPO it takes my skills into account :

It has to be a bug

I think it is a bug in the chair-keyboard interface.

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