Brand new looking for UTD info on exploring

Brand new looking for Up To Date info on exploring, Guides, tips, builds for beginners and so on.

Also, a Hello as I’m new :slight_smile:

And already posted in recruitment but looking for a “The Culture” ,(Iain M Banks), type of Corp. if anyone knows one?

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

iirc, “The Culture” in Banks books seems not so good once you read more and more books… :wink:

First off, do the Career Agent for exploration to get a sense of the basic mechanics and UI in the game:

After that, here’s pretty much everything you need to know:

Be sure to go through all of the categories in the right side navigation bar. It’s a LOT of info, but will cover pretty much everything.

And welcome to EVE


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You’re looking for a communist utopia in a game which effectively is a capitalist dystopia.


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