Brand New Player Questions

Hello everyone. Brand new player question for you. Trying to find a direction in what way to go to play the game. I was thinking of mining, but I’m not sure. I wanted to check in with more experienced players to see what would be the best way to enjoy a more well rounded experience.

Mining is not a bad way to go. Exploration is often a good start as well.

Regardless, the wiki pages supported by in game corp Eve University is always handy (search box upper-right);

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@Katradion_Janau Hello. I started recently as well. I decided to explore a bit of everything in low doses.
I chose Enforcer because shooting at ships is why I play this game. So I did some missions, also some in Exploration. I’m not going to touch mining, I don’t like it but there’s nothing wrong with it.
I only suggest you go slow and be careful what you use your SP for. I first used it on weapons, ammo training and other vital modules, after choosing a ship I know I will fly 90% of the time. But that’s just me.
Read a lot about EVE, online and the info windows. Compare each module/ship before you spend isk on anything and be sure you know what kind of universe you’ve landed in.
Good luck.


Bottom Line. only real people can help navigate EVE. not the help chat but being in comms with other players. find a comfortable corp and use comms. it is the only way to learn quickly and avoid pitfalls. good luck

And make sure they follow the dictum:

“The only dumb question is the one that doesn’t get asked.” - US Submarine School circa 1975

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