Brand New Nothing But Salvaging Game - How Does CCP Incorporate Its Style of Play Into Eve Online?

Hardspace : Shipbreaker is developed by BBI who are the original developers of the popular RTS series Homeworld.

Is it possible to use the camera in Flight More to create a more interesting approach to salvaging?

What does this have to do with EVE Online?

Can you define what an “interesting approach” is first? I don’t see why there is a need for a “more interesting approach”, but I’m not sure what you mean by the phrase “interesting approach.”

Yeah you’re right, not having the ability to scan a ship using a different HUD display to determine what the salvage of wreck will be is rather boring, isn’t it?

Eve Online doesn’t have enough GUI/HUD’s.

Does it need any?

The act of salvaging in EVE Online is 1) lock target, 2) cycle salvager module. I don’t think we need more GUIs or HUDs to display this beyond what we already have. Unless you just want to waste CCP’s dev time on some cosmetic nonsense.

There’s another game called Elite: Dangerous that has a lot more HUDs and is more “hands on” than EVE if you will.

It’s almost like a spaceflight simulator and has many similar concepts to EVE Online.

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