BRAVE caught in action


(Multifrequency) #1

Dear EVE Online community

a blue ship was gunned down by blue pilots. A lot of loot has been found.

BRAVE pilots


(Zakarias Dahlen) #3

When I was in GF my shuttle got shot down by a blue Avatar outside a citadel.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #4

I’m having trouble seeing all this loot that dropped. Heck the thrashed wasn’t even that expensive.

Also, were they blue to you? If so, were you blue to them or did some one screw up? This seems like an internal matter to take up between diplomats, not something to make yourself a target out of on the forums.

(The Man Civire) #5

Cough Awoxer cough

(Ramon Sohei) #6

The corp name “Honor Above All Else” is what made it funny. :grin:

(system) #7

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