Break the stalemate

Everyone in Eve wants to fly the biggest, baddest ship they can afford as if it proves something. That tends to draw people out to Nullsec where the largest alliances fly the largest fleets of the largest ships against the largest rivals, etc. The problem is, how much fun is it to sit and wait for weeks, moving and staging, waiting for someone to command you to undock and press F1?

Well, almost everyone. For those that want more engaging, more dynamic PvP opportunities but think that LowSec and Faction Warfare are beneath them, bring yourselves (or an alt) down here and try it out. FW space is designed to be a battlefield for spontaneous solo and small-gang combat, and despite what people may think about flying frigates and destroyers, the dynamic of gauging your opponent and trying to determine if you can take the fight, or knowing you can’t and evading, is fast-paced and very enjoyable.

All we need is more bodies. And you don’t have to be part of the empire militias; you can fly neutral and solo as a pirate and not limit yourself on potential targets. Currently there is a flood of LP farmers in the Caldari Militia, and this gives us no shortage of easy targets to blap, it’s just a matter of catching them. Pouncing on iHub bashes are always good sport as well. So, whether you want to fight for the milita, just want to be a pirate, or want to get in on the rich LP opportunity, the conditions are good in Lowsec right now.

Get in the fight!


Is Big FW behind this post? Smells like it.

A great place to try out solo and microgang instead of f1 blob; steer clear of blackrise and snuffed tho…

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Looks at my Rifter.

“Dont worry. I love you more than the Naglfar”


It’s like playing X:Com on easy and finishing the campaign only to conclude one has seen it all and had the same experience of the game as others.

Low security space is where players go for hard mode & ‘Ironman’.

It’s where players go when; RL means you cannot guarantee to be online for when the alliance CTA is called and you don’t have the time for a 2 hour form up.

Where to go if you want to stretch your pilot skills

Plus if you join FW you also get the system siege battles that rage for a day or two, with no Tidi, battles of various ship sizes over dead space zones, logi and even ewar having an impact.
Doctrines drawn up on the cuff.
Use of positioning, speed, range control, application and reach, boosh and with new up and coming FCs all prevalent.

Low sec space has always been the true end game. No better way to spend your wealth and to risk your biggest investments.


I’ve come back to EvE primarily for the action in low sec. There is simply nothing like it anywhere else in the mmo genre (closest maybe would be Albion online).

Love living in lowsec.

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What is albino online lmao

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