Breakfast is the most important meal to skip

Its kind of annoying, but health is not a settled science. We cant just go into the grocery store and buy whatever and eat it whenever and assume it wont hurt us. Sad.

With that being said, you can continue to do that. I mean if you do nothing other than skipping breakfast you will improve your health because among other things the exercise your metabolic system receives as a result. The body also uses a priority system so if you are eating, digesting takes priority and things like repair and cleaning is not being done to the same extent.

I started skipping breakfast cold turkey and it wasn’t too bad. But the recommended way is to move breakfast further and further toward lunch over time. And no snacks! But there are ways to cheat. For example having coffee with butter based on dairy will make you not feel hungry without affecting the body like a meal or a snack would. There are more ways than this to cheat to make skipping breakfast easier.

But also if you eat the right things, eventually you wont even feel hungry and come lunch you will be like “I guess i should eat something”. It sounds too good to be true, especially if you are used to feeling hungry all the time. Eat smarter not harder.

If you want a change in your life, i don’t blame you if you don’t, then skipping breakfast and going down that rabbit hole could be worth your while. Btw. why do this? It raises your energy levels and mental capabilities. But please don’t tell anyone. Have a nice day.

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Breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

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Who started saying that?

Light breakfast.
Complete lunch.
Healthy snack.
Light dinner.

I don’t see what’s so complicated.


Probably someone like you, based on personal experience.

One of the most sound advice I found on Facebook:

Have breakfast like a king.
Have lunch like a king.
Have dinner like a king.

and don’t you ever forget that you are not fat, you are a king!


In general if you put food into your mouth your blood sugar will spike and the body will respond accordingly even if you just took a single bite.

So a light meal or a snack when waking up is like diverting time and effort to start up some big machinery and then being like i will only run it for a couple minutes. And when that time is up the machine is like, whats the hold up, im ready, give me more.

So in general by eating light and by eating snacks you are not satisfying hunger you are inducing it.

The food companies are aware which is why they say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. They are not wrong either. Its just important to them not to you.

After you’ve had breakfast you are going to want to have a snack, then you are going to want to have lunch, then another snack, then dinner, and then maybe another snack before bed and then the cycle repeats until people are like this


And “healthcare” and “food” companies are like this:

But it is what it is

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The whole “3 meals a day” thing was built around the blue collar factory schedule.

Our caveman ancestors didn’t eat just 3 meals a day. They eat when hungry (and could catch something).

Being grossly overweight is a factor of what you eat and movement (exercise) or the lack there of.

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I eat mcdonalds every day and im a healthy 311 pounds. I can use my scooter to go to anywhere within a 2 mile radius. Only had to go to the hospital 3 times in the past 2 months too.

I have no problem with my blood sugar. And it doesn’t “spike” when I eat.

The body isn’t a machine and it’s a stupid exercise to compare it to that.

Hunger is good. It allows us to know we need food in the ‘biological’. It’s like pain is good to let us know we’re still alive.

Don’t tell me what is and what isn’t important to me.

NO, YOU are. I’m good with breakfast 'til noon or 1pm.

Of course I will have lunch at noon!

NO, first “snack” of the day 'round 1600 hours.

Of course I will have dinner, the third meal of the day. Why wouldn’t I have dinner?!?

You must think everyone is a fatty who can’t keep food out their mouth for more than 4 hours.

Yep, just as I thought. You think everyone is obese.

More paranoia… must be the PvP in the game.


Um…that’s what those 8 hours you spend in bed asleep is for.

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Exercise has a insignificant impact on weight gain and weight loss.

The signal the body uses to determine to put on weight is blood sugar. If its is high the body will be like “The blood is full of energy and its time to store some”

The problem is you can become resistant to blood sugar if it stays elevated over time and most people are resistant today. Some more than others. So your blood sugar can be high but the cells cant really use it. This makes you feel tired and hungry and it becomes a vicious cycle because when you eat your blood sugar will spike. But the cells cant really use the blood sugar, so you eat more and so on. And its a vicious cycle.

During your sleep your blood sugar will slowly drop. So by skipping breakfast after waking up you allow for additional time for the blood sugar to drop and the cells get a chance to rest and lower their resistance to it.

So even if you consume foods that are high in carbohydrates and causes massive blood sugar spikes when eaten you may still be better off by skipping breakfast due toe additional time the body has to reset the blood sugar.

You can take this concept to the next level by only consuming foods that cause minimum blood sugar spikes as well, but that seems like a different topic. Have a nice day.

My job is very physical and so is my gym routine. I need to eat at least 3 times a day. On a great day i burn 2800-3200 calories a day.

So i need to consume more, and not with liquids

Light breakfast.
Complete lunch.
Healthy snack.
Light dinner.

Much easier now

Really depends on the age and metabolism of each person, and whether healthy or not.
I did eat like a king in my youth and gained 0 pounds all those years. Food was one of life’s luxuries to me and I ate like there was no tomorrow. Of course, I was very active and burned it all quickly.
Now that I’m a little older my priorities changed and food isn’t as important to me as it once was.

Food gets in the way of coffee for breakfast.

All that space in stomach making it feel full. It could be more coffee.

Only time I catch breakfast more readily is when I support scout BSA camps. Long days since it basically is volunteer work from 0500 to 2000 watching over kids, lots of activity. Only 3 supported meals, sneaking off to store for a snack not an option sometimes. You get that food when you can lol.

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