Body overload

Hello gamer, you may be overloading your body with carbohydrates which leads to reduced cognitive functions, low energy and longer term health issues like type 2 and 3 diabetes + it makes you fat. I dont expect anyone to appreciate this post but i dont know what else to do about this important issue yet. Have a nice day.

Not a problem. My body can easily break down carbohydrates into glucose. Glucose, or blood sugar, is the main source of energy for my body’s cells, tissues, and organs. :smiley:


Go away with this. Only alzheimers patients are affected by this


Who here thinks that humans have figured out everything about fat?

My body can easily break down carbohydrates into glucose

Your body can develop insulin resistance if most of your calories come from carbohydrates. In fact thats the primary cause of people getting fat among other things. The brain can also develop insulin resistance which can lead to Alzheimers among other things. Insulin resistance usually happens if most of your calories come from carbohydrates and if you eat throughout the day over a prolonged period of time.

Your body can also break down alcohol and turn it into something useful. But with alcohol you will kind of know when you have had too much. With carbohydrates in general you cant. Thats why they are kind of more dangerous than alcohol.

This is not an endorsement of alcohol and not all forms of alcohol are equal :slight_smile: For example beer contains carbohydrates but vodka does not. Unless you mix it with something that contains it. Like orange juice or red soda.

Last but not least a 0 carb diet is not realistic and carbohydrates are useful to the body. Its when most if your calories comes from carbs as opposed to fat you will run into health issues over time.

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People, you need to MOVE. Body is made to MOVE. That we are sitting for the many hours in work or in home is a disease.


^ This, right here.

Also, can we get this thread closed. The OP isn’t a medical professional and should not be giving medical or nutritional advice.


Censorship would be wrong. And how do you know im not a medical a professional? Besides you can verify what im saying yourself with any search engine. In fact i expect people to do that. But feel free to ignore me also and if you find the topic boring.

The last thing we need is a troll that tries to derail an essential topic about health.

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Because if you were a medical professional, you wouldn’t be wasting your time posting medical advice on video game forums.

You’d be publishing peer-reviewed papers through scholarly journals.

Now, it doesn’t matter if the advice is accurate or not. I believe that it’s a violation of community guidelines to post anything of this nature.

What say you @ISD_Traindriver?

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I think if this topic gets closed i will leave for good. I will share the notes from the course im taking tho. Give me a minute.

Please don’t.

Course work =/= being an expert in the field.


And what a fun way to extort ISD.

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I dont know why you are calling mods on something you arent sure is against the rules. Seems like you are up to no good.

Heres the notes for anyone who is curious. Pastebin because linking the google doc is bad opsec. Read the notes if you find the topic interesting and verify any that stick out with google. Only for nerds.

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How about I meet you halfway

You know what you could do, that I don’t think would violate forum guidelines, is start a thread, titled

“Interesting reads, and articles” and leave unsolicited advice out of it. Then rely on their curiosity to read, and research for themselves.

For example, you could say.

Here’s an interesting article I read from X about Y if you’re curious, here’s a link.

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Its kind of funny how you acuse me of giving unsolicited advice and then proceed to give unsolicited advice :slight_smile: Im going to bed now, good night

Ironic, isn’t?

But the difference is, you’re advising people on their physical health, mental health, and life choices.

I’m advising you on how to post articles on the forums.

Not exactly apples to apples, is it?

Which is more important? Good night

You don’t have the qualifications to advise people on their health. For all you know, you could be hurting them. You don’t know each person’s unique situation. You’re just using blanket statements and pretending that it will help them.

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I could also be helping. Last good night :slight_smile:


But are you willing to take that risk?

Of course you would. Because you’re hiding behind an avatar and you don’t have to be held personally responsible for any damage and malpractice accidentally inflicted on anyone taking your advice.

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Not if you disseminate wrong information. Anyway, you will be told off for that by others.

Btw, there are far more forums about health and diets than there are about flying virtual spaceships. I’m 200% sure you’d find a far more receptive audience there, given your choice of subject.

As usual, overconsumption hence imbalanced diets, results of individual behavior, are more to blame than the intrinsic toxicity of just about anything consumable. There is nothing worse in carbohydrates than there is in any other normal food component. Proof ? Follow a course in biochemistry.

Too much of anything is bad, mkay ?

Paracelsus: “Sola dosis facit venenum” 1538 AD

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Im more of a healthcare professional than OP is. Even so, unless warranted, dont need to push what you think everyone needs to know… some know what you posted, and dont care and will continue consuming whats bad