Change your body to burn fat

Hello, if you dont consume fatty foods your body will not be trained to burn fat, and if you eat and snack every hour you are awake even if you consume fatty foods, then the body will burn the fat you consume and not the fat you have on your body (which can come from non fatty foods).

So what is the solution? Eat foods that are higher in healthy fats and eat only within a limited time period of the day so that fat burning of stored fat happens for longer. Unfortunately fat is where the toxins and what not get stored. So it has to be real organic for the best result. Did you know fruits and vegetables can contain fat? For example Olives and Avocados are very high in fat. Has to be organic since pesticides is absorbed and stored in fat.

Why am i writing this? Taking charge of your health is probably the best thing you can do. There is no real downside except having to deal with the social stigma of being responsible. But this is a different subject :slight_smile: Have a nice day.


A question for people who think fat causes obesity.

Cows eat grass but cow meat contains fat. Where does the fat come from?

Fruits like Avocado contain fat. Where does the fat come from?

I understand most people are not interested in this kind of questions, but im not sure i should apologize for that.

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Obesity is an excess of fat relative to body mass.

Excess fat can both be manufactured from excess carbohydrates (that’s what cows and plants do) or absorbed from food, depending on what the body eats and consumes. You can visualize fats as a string of hydogen and oxygen atoms from which hang chains of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon atoms, adding chains stores energy and releasing them allows the body to burn them. Since storing is easier than asembling fats, a body whose inmediate energy needs have been met will store all fat. Also since fat is very valuable, the body will only start disassemling fat once it runs out of readily available energy in the form of hydrocarbons. Also when the body is low on hydrocarbons but MUST burn fat, it will trade off proteins for hydrocarbons with which dissassemble the fat and obtain extra hydrocarbons; this is why starving people lose both muscle and fat. Also is why some diets believe that adding extra protein will force the body to burn fat to take advantage of all that extra protein… but the body is very picky with what proteins it values and extra protein just stresses the body to clean the toxic waste from processing proteins.

The thing is a lot more complicated but the gist is, if you don’t burn fat right off the bat, the body will store it, and if you don’t burn not even your hydrocarbons, the body will turn them into fat too; and once fat is stored it becomes the last thing the body will burn if and only when the need arises. To most people this means that whenever you exercise your body will run on readily available hydrocarbons for about 45 minutes before turning on the fat furnaces. But also exercise might prevent your body from having excess hydrocarbons to store as fat in the first place.


Afaik fat burning does not necessarily increase if you exercise unless you do it gently because otherwise the body experiences stress and your adrenal glands will release cortisol which prevents the fat burning state.

(The body has two primary fuels. One is based on fat/ketones the other is based on carbohydrates/glukose and it switches between the two depending on a number of circumstances)


You can only lose a certain amount a week and anything over or above what your own body is capable of losing will be considered wasting.

/I refer to myself as wearing a fat suit, I had been up and down on the scales throughout my life for no fault other than my own.

Newsflash: glycolysis converts carbohydrates into acetyl-CoA, which in turn can be used by cells for the biosynthesis of fatty acids (which react with glycerol to form fat). So a carbohydrate rich diet will eventually lead to more fat and lipids in general.

In plants the carbohydrates, glucose specifically, are the product of photosynthesis (sunlight + CO2 + water) and subsequent conversions (reactions). That plants produce oils (fats made from shorter fatty acids) is not exceptional. They too have access to the fatty acid production via the same biochemistry. All cells need lipids and phospholipids in particular to be able to function, including the building of membranes.

The better bonus question would be: Cow and avocado cells also contain proteins. Where do these proteins come from ? A bit more involving to answer that one.

Anyway. Strange thread, again, to start even in the OOPE section.

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My iphone fitness app reads today I had burnt 2587.4761 calories and I know i have almost already reached that in the amount of beers I had consumed today.

these two bags are taken old every Sunday

Change the body to burn fat??? That is a struggle for me for no fault other than my own and somethign I am not proud of, phoned lifeline to only be hung up on. My excess drinking of late actually rurined my relationship a few weeks ago.

I think the mind needs to change before the body.

Dude, if that is actually true, and you think you can’t stop it on your own, please seek outside help!


I’m not fat, but I’m not the leanest guy and I struggle at times to keep my weight in check. But what I learned from measuring what I eat and what I burn is that sport will help you burn absolutely nothing.

You can run for like half an hour and you will burn the equivalent of a snickers. It’s absolutely laughable compared to the amount you already burn for just sitting around. It’s much more efficient to just not eat that snickers.

But sport is still key because it helps to regulate all sorts of things and bring the body back into balance. It’s just that people think it’s only because of the fat burning, when in reality that is the least important part about it.

I never fat in my life. I can eat anything I want as much as I want. I have fast metabolism. I burn big lunch in 3 hours I’m hungry again. I also very active, can’t stand still, fidget all the time, ball of nerves.
I’m trying to gain 5 kilos for 9 months now. I can’t :expressionless:

I was like that until 26. Then it changed and the fat started to stick.

Have you tried resistance training? Because if you try to gain weight just by eating that means accumulate fat. It heavily depends on your genetics where that will end up. So you can end up gaining weight, but you stll have super thin arms, but a big belly.

The healthy way to gain weight is by gaining muscle. Which means 2-3 times 1h resistance training to get the growth buff for the next two days and then just make sure you eat enough protein.

Believe me, you will change your mind and perceive your skinniness as a blessing, because you don’t have to remove all that fat to reveil the muscle.

I like the 5% fat I have, it doesn’t slow me none.

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