Breaking: Avair IV Raided!

A large scale and coordinated raid has been confirmed on the northern continent of Avair IV in the Domain Region.

In the earlier hows of Sept. 28th after the previous nights celebration of the anniversary of Her Majesty the Empress Catiz I coronation, following reports of an armed group spotted on Avair IV, several holdings belonging to Holder Dorian Fabius, a prominant local Holder. The group of armed men hasn’t been identified, nor has any group come forward to claim credit for the attack. Early reports indicated a Blood Raider attack, following along a string of attacks accross New Eden, however as reports came in and more information became available, it was clear that this attack was perpetuated by another group.

“Given the precision and carefulness of the attack, along with the lack of massive loss of life characteristic of attacks by the Blooder filth, we can effectively rule our their participation” A top planetary security official gave a brieifing this morning in the aftermath of the attack. “This groups objective, it would appear, was to abduct the property of Lord Fabius, with several thousand slaves of Minmatar origin having been taken.” When asked why Lord Fabius had been singled out for this attack, the official chose to not comment, stating that the investigation was still ongoing.

In addition to the abducted slaves, there are several wounded overseers and other holding personel, with 8 confirmed dead and several more in critical condition following a series of small scale firefights between the armed group and Lord Fabius security staff.

In what is now confirmed to be a related incident, Planetary Services logged unauthorized atmospheric entry by unknown vessels, and tracked their departure off planet just a few hours later. Planetary Security Service members managed to arrive on the sites and engaged several of these cells as they attempted to leave with their cargo. Casualty numbers are currently unknown following these engagements, however there are confirmed causalities on both sides, with the armed group maneging to secure their personel before rapid extraction.

“What is clear at this time…” answered the security official, when questioned about the services response time and inability to detain the group “… is that who ever this may be, were well trained, well armed, and had months of planning. We will continue investigations and work hard to bring these terrorists to justice.”

A security video was released along with the statement this morning of one of the sites that was hit by this raid.

(A 7 minute video is embedded, showing at first a black screen, followed quickly by a bright flash and a crumbling wall. Several people, clad in tactical gear rushed through the wall and continued on to what is now clear to be the inside of a building. A few bright flashes are seen coming from the ends of their rifles as they engage those they run into. Several moments later, a large number of people, clearly slaves are seen running back out through the torn wall escorted by the armed personnel. At the end of the video one man in particular is seen with a slave woman as they leave the premises. He is not wearing a helmet, however only a partial angle of his face can be seen, showing parts of a face tattoo before they leave)

This is Keni Pava, with StarSide News, bringing you the latest.



Planetary security services working with Imperial Authorities have Identified the Armed group as being Minmatar in origin. The Capsuleer, Cain Aloga, has been identified as the man seen in the security video escorting a female slave out of the breach point.

{A still frame of the video capturing the man in question is put up alongside a snapshot of Cain Aloga’s Portrait.)

Pilot Aloga, a controversial figure in both Minmatar and Amarr capsuleer circles was formally a member of the Amarr Loyalist Capsuleer Alliance, Aegis Milita which is currently in a dispute with CVA, another Amarr loyalist Capsuleer Alliance. Mr. Aloga however, has apparently dropped his Alliance affiliation within the past 24 hours. As of yet no motives have been declared either by Mr. Aloga or by any affiliated group.

The unknown ships that were seen leaving atmosphere the morning of the raid have been identified as two Hoarder Class Industrial ships, 5 Rifter class frigates, and a Hurrican class BattleCruiser.

While his exact whereabouts are unknown, Mr. Aloga was last seen near the Warzone area’s of Bleaklands region.

Lord Dorian Fabius, the target of these raids has made a public announcement, calling for the aid an assistance of Imperial forces and of Amarr Loyalist Capsuleers.

“Before God I ask that those loyal to the Amarr Empire assist in capturing this heathen terrorist and aid in the return of my precious flock, for their work to remove their sins has yet to be complete. I call upon all men and women of the faith to bar this savage, who has brought the chaos of the Deciever with him, and that they may find favor with Holy God in doing so, for they shall surely find favor with me.”

Starside news will continue to monitor this story as it progresses.

This Keni Pava, bringing you the latest.

Concord Records indicates that Capsuleer Pilot Cain Aloga docked at the Capsuleer Alliance Khimi Harar Fortizar in the Tanoo system, Late on October 2. Eyewitness accounts claim to have seen the transfer of passenger from Pilot Aloga’s ship to the SoE RoughRiders Refugee Mobile base, known as On the Way Home. A statement was released by Lyra North-Onren, LUMEN Co-Executrix:

“I participated in the destruction of Mr. Aloga’s Hurricane myself, but will look into the matter of the ultimate fate of his passengers. All activity on our Fortizar from each and every visiting group is monitored to ensure that neither Local Mandate or Greater Empire law is violated on premises.”

Co Executrix North-Onren’s statement confirms reports that Amarr Loyalist Capsuleers managed to engage Mr. Aloga’s Hurricane class battlecruiser within the Bleaklands. Despite the arrival of pilots belonging to Electus Matari, Amarr loyalist forces were able to destroy the Hurricane.

Despite this however, It would seem that Mr. Aloga was still able to reach the refugee camp and transfer the freed slaves, raising questions regarding the engagement. Of note, the number of freed slaves transferred reported to be considerably less that the initial 3000 originally reported in this story. Where the remaining number of Freed slaves are is at this time unknown.

This Keni Pava, reporting for Starside News.

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It’s been brought to my attention that On the Way Home command staff has been pressed for a comment on these claims, so let me just repeat: the refugee camp, as a policy, will neither confirm nor deny the presence of any particular group or individual in it.

People residing in the camp are of course free to talk to anyone they choose, but we do stress to everyone in our care that respecting the privacy of others they share the shelter with is of outmost importance.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
On behalf of SoE Roughriders

As we have been dragged into this due to the presence of On the Way Home on the LUMEN Fortizar, Tebu Amkhiman, the LUMEN board has felt it necessary to respond.

So after looking into it, we have determined that Cain Aloga has indeed taken advantage of our hospitality and has in all likelihood used our Fortizar after his raid on Avair IV. We cannot entirely verify it due to the refusal of On the Way Home staff to answer questions as to any persons in their custody, but we are confident enough in Aloga’s guilt that after some paperwork is taken care of later today, he will become the second person we’ve banned from the Fortizar.

Additionally, in regards to reports of an incident happening that was centered around the individuals that Aloga transferred to On the Way Home, I would personally like to say that if such incidents become commonplace, then On the Way Home and the SoE Roughriders will quickly find themselves among the next bans from Tebu Amkhiman. In this regard, I would like to urge both them as well as those who work with them to be more careful and ensure they are following the laws of the region.

Co-Executrix Lyra North-Onren
Khimi Harar


As an interested third party, may I ask for some clarification? The incident referred to seems to have taken place before Pilot Aloga’s subsequent transfer of freedmen to On The Way Home after the destruction of his Battlecruiser.

I cannot comment on the events themselves, but I assure that the base takes the safety and security of stations we reside in very seriously and will do its outmost to prevent violence and uprisings in its premises.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
On behalf of SoE Roughriders


Glad to hear it.

I have to say, the question, that still remains unanswered, piques my own curiosity. The “incident” you refer to, happened well before Aloga had moved to re-home these freed slaves. Do tell what said incident has to do with this. Sounds like a stretch, if you ask me.

If I am wrong about the cause of the incident, then I apologize.

But the rest of my statement doesn’t change. I still need incidents like that to not happen on our station. I have received assurance that the base takes safety and security seriously, so I’m hoping ‘the incident’ was simply a one-off and our little station can exist peacefully and in compliance with all rules and regulations of the Ammatar Mandate and the Greater Amarr Empire.

I’m not fully confident in that wish coming true mind you, but would be very happy if it did.


Keni Pava,

Pilot Cain Aloga may be a deep cover agent of Aegis Militia and The Rogue Consortium. The Rogue Consortium is allied with Aegis Militia and have a considerable presence in Avair. We have skirmished often over these past 4 to 5 months in Avair.

The reason for his sudden “drop” is that it could be a possible deniability for any political backlash of his actions. Aegis Militia and The Rogue Consortium have once sworn loyalty to the Providence Marches and currently they make war against it. I don’t think there is anything the would not do to secure their nefarious actions. The Rogue Consortium for example is targeting and killing off any neutral affiliated groups that live in and around Avair. They use the area to mine and ship ores to war factories elsewhere. It is greatly possible these individuals could be used to transfer slaves and other goods.

While I will ensure we send extra resources to keep an eye on Avair we will drill down on this pilot as well. There is no level of evil the enemies of the Empire will stoop to. These evil invaders seek nothing less than the destabilization and destruction of our beloved Empire.

We will be watchful.

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz

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Im shamed as hell for this. If I, Lord Vaari have enough money, im ready to compensate for suffered party of this.

You are a blind, paranoid fool, Saltz.

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And you are heathen who made me look like a traitor!


You made your own employment choices, Vaari.

Everyone told you, but you insisted we were wrong.

Seems we weren’t.


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