Breaking: DammFam Refinery Attacked

You are just embarassing yourself.

Still, ignorance is yours, while they do put True Amarr above other bloodlines, they don’t enslave others left and right, and even Empress is not pureblood. Hmm, I just said it second time. Do I have to say it third for a minmatar to understand?

You’re speaking about Mr. Nauplius, aren’t you?

They have been honoring all their deals with the State.
Republic, on the other hand… Coleile.

You really have no right telling that others shouldn’t be trusted, especially with stunts your Republic does.

No, it’s not.

Those who surrender are guaranteed their lives in order to achieve strategical goal without actually murdering everyone. And if you behave like a barbarian, it means nobody will surrender to you, will fight you to the death and will make sure your people will pay dearly for your offenses.

Internal politics of Empire is not your business and can’t be justification for military offenses of Republic against the Empire.

I meant indiscriminate.

I didn’t talk about Minmatar space, I was talking about Amarr laws in the space of AMARR EMPIRE, that Empire that illegal raids from Republic were sent to kidnap Imperial slaves, where Elder fleet invaded to steal people and cause mass deaths and destruction…

You don’t know what Caldari means for sure, and you don’t even realize whom you’re speaking with.

Well, your ideas about other people beliefs are “cringe” for sure.

As soon as you all will be caught and sentenced into Imperial slavery, that will make a good statement for those who will stoop down to following way of U’K.

So you’re saying we shall consider their alliance as hostile and just exterminate them as hostile agents, who support terrorists and aggressors?

Is that defense you’re “providing” to them, just putting them ahead as a meatshields in front of you, denying them concept of neutrality?

They have enslaved numerous peoples and destroyed every aspect of their cultures that clashed with their own, so clearly you have no idea what you are talking about.

I am speaking of the overwhelming majority of the 24th Imperial Crusade’s active personnel as well as the decision-makers of House Sarum.

And will continue to do so as long as the State is a useful distraction. Should the moment ever come that the Amarr have finished carving up the rest of the Cluster, the State will be next on the menu. That is not even a prediction, that is what their faith demands of them.

They were told to return Karin Midular to us. They said no. We do not leave our people behind.

I have more right than you do since in contrast to you I actually seem to have a basic understanding of the nature and the goals of the Amarrian Empire. Our people will do what is necessary to survive in the face of an existential threat.

Surrender not only brings dishonour upon oneself and one’s ancestors, it also results in enslavement. Therefore surrender is immoral and will not be offered or accepted by any ships registered to the clan from which I hail.

When Imperial politics call for genocide through the destruction of culture, it becomes the business of those they choose as prey to kill them until they leave us alone.

Haven’t seen it happen during my time in U’K. Did see the recording of Harkon in that church, and it was one of the factors that contributed to my decision to go it alone.

Obviously any raid undertaken to liberate our brothers and sisters in chains could never be illegal. That is a very silly and inconsiderate thing to say.

If that helps you sleep at night.

Then I guess I will have to be cringe until their beliefs stop mirroring that of a predator staring at my people hungrily.

Again, no escape pods.

I don’t need to provide them with a defence. The Amarr Empire decided to destroy our people. The only recourse is to keep destroying the forces they send against us until they stop. That makes my people meatshields in front of yours, and your gratitude is presumed and accepted.

I read history books, I am speaking about modern Empire with ideas of “Pax Amarria” presented by Emperor Heideran VII. And if you can’t distinguish past that was over centuries ago from modern times you shall speak to your doctors, not me.

I wonder what Lord Consort Newelle would say about such claims…
Can you back them, by the way?

Have you actually read Pax Amarria?.. You don’t even realize whom you’re fighting against, don’t you? Living with the past of several centuries, being brainwashed by propaganda?

“Great” allies you are.

Which you invented yourself by your hatred.

As someone coming from actual culture that venerates Honor your words look for me as a pathetic and petty excuses of coward war crimes rather than actual Honor. For Honor belongs to a Person and you can’t decide for others if they shall be Honorable or Not. You can only state what decisions they made. If they committed treason, you can call them Dishonorable, and you can sentence them for treason, but you can’t sentence anyone for Dishonor or force them to suicide.

Morals are relative and acting (especially murdering anyone) because of what you consider moral or dishonorable - just makes you a bully and criminal. Immoral and dishonorable behavior is to be publically shamed, not directly punished. Actual law violations are to be punished.

But I doubt a tribal would understand such concepts anyway…

Pax Amarria. Read it.

It is outright criminal and despicable act, if they will be illegally released from the slavery chains that they were sentenced under Imperial law in the territory of Amarr Empire. Liberation of prisoners of wars from slavery could be understand, though, but you don’t really diffentiate them, do you? It’s all just “WHOA SLAVES, LIBERATE THEM ALL! SLAVERY BAD BLAH BLAH BLAH” with wide as apple eyes and drooling mouth…

Which is just inside your own imagination.

Okay, so you slaughter your crewmembers as well. Duly noted.

Did you mean “in front of my guns”?

Heideran is dead.

House Sarum is conducting an active war to reclaim the “rebel provinces”. The Floseswin War was the first engagement I served in as a Capsuleer. I do not need to provide proof of things that happened in the public eye and were recorded by both CONCORD observers and every news agency in the cluster. Considering the fact that Aldrith left PIE because his loyalties to the organisation were in conflict with his loyalties to House Sarum, my expectation is that he would support his chieftain in word and deed, as I support mine.

The Pax Amarria changed nothing. The same old ■■■■ still happens in the Warzone. Therefore they can not be trusted.


No, I did not author the Amarrian faith. I am also fairly certain that you claiming that I did is not going to sit well with them.

No one from my clan murders people, nor do we force people to commit suicide. Based on what that tyrant you worship did to Admiral Visera Yanala that’s apparently more of a Caldari thing than a Swolin thing.

I have, and I don’t trust the rest of his people to be cut from the same cloth. Certainly not after seeing the warzone with my own eyes.

Any enslaved Matari is a fair and just target for liberation raids. If they prefer Amarr, they can stay there. No point in wasting time on people who are dead inside.

It is not.

I have never killed, fought or insulted any of my crewmen. We are brothers all.

I mean that the existence of the Gallente Federation and the Minmatar Republic is the only thing that shields the Caldari State from the predations of the Amarr Empire.

Jamyl is dead too, and yet she was the human who have freed the more minmatar slaves than anyone else in the history. Yet minmatars were dancing and celebrating her death as the largest enemy…


Do you realize the difference between reclaiming rebel province and “destroying everything minmatar”?..

You started the war. Permission to enslave prisoners of war is granted in the Empire, you know what you were signing for. They do everything as they should. You, on the other hand…

You didn’t invent their faith, you invent your misinterpretation of it. For sure you’re speaking of useless subjective interpretations instead of speaking me in terms of pure scriptures or presenting me published theology works, isn’t it? Have you actually read them?

Again, naming the Executor as a “tyrant” shows you as simply ignorant gallente-brainwashed propagandist rather than a rational speaker, who understands nothing about actual Honor.

I haven’t seen much, but I am pretty sure I’ll start despising Minmatar even more when I see your treatment of POWs with my own eyes. At least that’s what I’ve been told to, for now I still believe Gallente are the worst. I did see Amarr slaves though and I can say I’d better find myself being enslaved by Amarr than treated as POW in Gallente camp. And if what you do to POWs is even worse than gallenteans…

So you’re kidnapping convicts just because of their ethnicity, considering it’s fair to liberate them disregarding what they were enslaved for?
And what about what they prefer, if you kidnap, say, thousand people, and you have Imperial navy on your tail, guns blazing, are you going to ask every one of them if they want to go and stay, or just grab them all and run?.. Or maybe stay all together with them and die under Imeprial guns?

And why I have no trust in your words?.. Maybe because you called the Executor as “tyrant” or “dictator”? Nah, after such stunts bare words won’t work, sunshine.

Did you say though no escape pods?
Can you clarify that then? As an Officer, I do care about my crewmembers and give them chance to escape the fight if the ship is going down, when to stay and fight to the end will be their own choice, it’s their Honor, and I cannot force them to do anything that is above their duty.

I had an impression that if Admiral Tovil Toba would be Minmatar, his words would be: “Non-essential personnel, KILL YOURSELVES.

Wake up, they are our Honorable allies, and they don’t go full Coleile at us, differences are resolved in diplomatic and business way, unlike savages and tribals who just drop dreads and die to guns of moroses in close because they know neither diplomacy, nor tactics of capital warfare.

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That would be Lord Arrach Sarum, Royal Heir, after getting his ego bruised that Amarr capsuleers in his military circuit were cutting deals w/U’K. Just, you know, for the record.

More than that, it’s what honest Amarr like @Mitara_Newelle openly acknowledge: The Caldari will be Reclaimed in their turn, one way or another.

She did that in order to make them a burden on the Republic’s economy, and cause internal division, as a fair amount of those people came back mindfucked.

There is fundamentally no difference. Their end goal is to enslave everyone in the cluster, and we are first on the chopping block, so they must be resisted.

They started this war on the Day of Darkness.

Hence the absence of escape pods on any ship owned by my Clan since the Great Rebellion.

We fight the slavers and their minions to free our brethren and to hold back the tyranny of Amarr. Until final liberation, whatever the cost, the mission of our great rebellion continues. Every child they stole, every life they took, every mind they poisoned, we will pay back in blood.

Everything they do is dictated by their faith, and we have seen what they have done in the name of their God. With that in mind those books are only fit for burning.

If Heth was an honourable man the CEP would not have deposed him and declared him a criminal.

Then shut the ■■■■ up and go talk about ■■■■ you understand with someone who actually gives a ■■■■.

Maybe you should get in touch with old man Nauplius and give it a go.

My clan does not take prisoners of war.

Rapid insertion, grab as many as you can, women and children first, quick exfiltration.

Because you are dumb.

He was.

I am not your sunshine and you look like a boy.

Within my clan, service in the Republic Fleet is mandatory. The Republic Fleet uses escape pods. Ships belonging to the clan are crewed by members of the clan who voluntarily transferred from the Republic fleet to clan ships. They understand what it entails, accept the risk and have children to carry on their legacy. This is what my clansmen and I were born to do, I just happened to be capsule compatible. That means I can and do fly small ships without crews.

Honourable people don’t drag families out of their homes, fly them off to the mines and shoot them full of drugs that kill them if they don’t get repeated doses.

He sounds like an asshole.

I guess honesty is a plus.

How do I turn the channel back to the Galnet news… This episode of Capsuleer housewives is a dreadfully boring re-run.


As a former U’K militiawoman, all I can say is that I’m not surprised to see that the Matari are still the uncouth, infighting batch they were 10 years ago.

So you’re trying to excuse such outrageously ungrateful behavior of minmatars by creating an unverifiable conspiration theory?

How about a better explanation: you and your compatriots who did that are just angry offensive gremlins, who violate even their own declared interest just for the sake of their hatred?

That’s a very minmatar response when being confronted by the fact they can’t contest. Are you enjoying yourself?

I guessed you didn’t hear about humanity.

Hey, tribal. Don’t put your own labels on others. If you can’t comprehend what others are telling you, it doesn’t make them stupid. Only you.

So you’re either a corvette pilot extraordinaire, or a liar extraordinaire. Minmatars stuff their ships with crew like long limb roe in a can, statistics doesn’t lie.

And I take it you’re saying your crewmembers are voluntary martyrs, who follow you like fanatics following a cult leader, and every time you eject a capsule you leave a whole crew of minmatar fanatics to die in flames.

I don’t think there’s a reason in talking humanity with such hateful fanatical savages.

Just a man stating a fact. Someone whose primary allegiance lies with whoever is sitting on the Amarrian throne can not be considered a loyal citizen of the Republic.

The only uncontestable fact is that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Having to repeatedly tell you that is not great, but not terrible.

One must never compromise on ethics for the sake of war. It is not hard to offer the enemy a proper death in battle. Going out of your way to bring dishonour upon them by taking them captive would be wrong.

I understand what you are saying just fine, it’s just that your view of geopolitics is as deficient as your revisionist ideas about your own history.

I can pilot frigates on my own, and have done so on a regular basis since YC122. Once we get to destroyers and above, assistance becomes somewhat required. Even then, undocking with more crewmen than are absolutely necessary for the kind of short term sorties Capsuleers perform would be wasteful.

Freedom isn’t free. My brothers and I understand that, and I was just as willing to give my life for the good of my people when I was a baseliner.

Defending one’s people against foreign aggression is something one does out of love.

You have a weird understanding of facts, minmatar.
If one to listen to you, it turns out, when “noble freedom fighters” kidnap slaves, all these slaves are automatically loyal to the Republic.
And when “these filthy slavers” lower the slavery term and just release everyone who exceed new parameter, all these slaves are automatically loyal to the Empire, beucase they weren’t liberated by the “yay freedom fighters”.

You don’t bring facts, you only bring rather pathetic and inane alogical attempts at excusing your irrational hatred.

Amusing, and miss again.

So, you’re like a God, who decides who shall live and who shall die, without trial, enforcing your twisted perversion of ideals of Honor on unsuspecting victims…

Is Mr. Nauplius your relative by chance?

Denial of presence of people on board is a common symptom of a Capsuleer Dementia Syndrome.

While I don’t deny that starting up a frigate without crewmembers is possible, but flying in that ship - especially for a capsuleer in capsuleer combat is just insanity. Capsuleer ships without crew perform not much better than baseliner gurista in an ore belt.

So you sacrifice human LIVES for what?.. For just freedom?.. You’re just irrational cultist and worse fanatic than the most devoted of the followers of the Imperial Rite. YOU are the root of evil in our cluster, not Empire.

There is nothing contradictory in my logic. Loyalty to one’s people, and loyalty to a foreign throne and faith are mutually exclusive. That does not mean that re-patriated captives can not re-integrate into their own tribes after being freed. It means that they have to be re-introduced to the ways of their people. Normally this would be done by their parents, clansmen and tribesmen, but people who are born and raised in slavery do not receive a proper Minmatar upbringing. So yes, that Empress freeing all those people put an enormous strain on the ability of the Tribes to help these people find their place in a normal society and learn their people’s ways. Fortunately, we are somewhat coping with it.

It is hard for an accusation of ignorance to miss when it oozes from everything you post on the IGS.

No. When someone chooses the path of the warrior, they are choosing to risk their life for something more important than themselves. I believe in what I fight for. The enemy believes in what they fight for. Which ships explode is determined in battle.

Your people were the first to employ frigates that replaced the crew complements with Capsuleers during the secession war. Those frigates not only undocked without crews, but performed better than ships crewed by baseliners along any metric. Those ships were the reason why the Gallente-Caldari war ground down to a stalemate. This happened over a century ago. In the present day, both myself, and a fair number of my acquaintances fly frigates without baseliners onboard and suffer no adverse effects from this. Consequently I have no idea why you are making these claims.

Because the only thing keeping the Minmatar people safe from enslavement by the Amarr Empire are the warriors who are willing to fight and die to prevent a second Day of Darkness.

I like to think of the future conquest of the Minmatar Republic as the Day of Light.

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Yes, I’m sure the slaughter of trillions of innocents just gives you all sorts of warm fuzzies in the shorts.

War is divine, but if you all do not have stomach for it, there is always the option of kneeling and being saved. No heathen is innocent.

It’s so refreshing when they’re being honest about it.

If you like, you can take that to the “A Thread of Kind Words” topic, I am up.

I’m afraid I reserve such for people who are worth that effort. You I wouldn’t know from a hole in the ground.

Gee! What a burn!

Nonetheless, all of you will always be worthy of our sacred duty.